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  1. Anyone who joins the military or police is responding to the urges of the latent psychopath inside if they're honest which such a miserable specimen isn't capable of as that would require generating a thought of his own. It's a coward's way of getting a legal license for their deviant tendency to control others, the inferiority complex bully too chicken-shit to stand up to bigger bullies on his own but knowing joining a big cabal of like-minded psychopathic bullies makes him the biggest bully in the yard knowing above him are the biggest syndicate of psychopaths, the hierarchy, the very lineage of the bully creed ready to hand him all the toys he needs to fulfill his desires and maybe one day give him the green light to unleash the full force of violence latent in his inadequate dark-hearted ass.

  2. This presentation is brought to you by the US Constitution, allowing anyone to say anything, with out fear of imprisonment ,reeducation, or death since 1776 and The men and women of the US Armed Forces ,The US Military Protecting the  individuals rights to free speech, and right insult them since 1775   …….

  3. with an anarchist sytem in place here other countries will still have their sytem and if they wanted to invade the usa how would we as a nation fight back? nd if you are just going to say it will never happen dont bother replying to my comment

  4. Marks observations are correct but he's drawing the wrong conclusions. He's characterizing everyone who is in law enforcement/military/government as if they are a bunch of morons who don't know anything at all with daddy and mommy issues. Quite the opposite it true. Most of them are completely aware of what Mark is teaching and probably more aware than Mark himself.
    Ironically the cult indoctrination Mark talks about in this video actually makes the members more aware of themselves and of mind control techniques. Indoctrination is done only during the first 9 weeks of their military careers during basic training. There is plenty of high level thinking in the military by the staff and commanders that Mark has not spoken about.

  5. I go to Norwich University and originally intended to join the Navy. It was Mark Passio's show which ultimately convinced me not to as his words made it quite apparent what a cult the military really is. Now instead of wasting my life trying to do something as asinine as fighting for some government, I'm going to finish college and live a more proper life.

  6. Hey Mark, I don't know if you have any military experience, but I spent 6 years in there and went to combat in Afghanistan for a year.

    I would like to say, I really appreciate this video (especially talking about falsely giving up one's personal responsibility to justify their actions). I QUICKLY learned about this through introspection in combat (and being exposed to certain information over there), and got in trouble for questioning orders. I did not want to kill or be a part of the killing (outside of obvious self-defense). People died and lost body parts for nothing. I got out as quickly and "honorably" as possible.

    When people [robotically] say, "Thank you for your service," I tell them, "Thank you for your gratitude, but what I did was FAR from honorable and was a service to no one." Most of the time I get crazy looks, but sometimes, people inquire further, and I get to explain and help them think differently about this war and false enemy that we have blindly supported for over 15 years (obviously not including the ones we've been duped into supporting for all time). It's part of my responsibility of knowing this wrong to let others know the same.

    My wife's son's father (with zero military experience) tried getting him [the son] to join the military (since he is kind of just floating around since HS graduation), but I am led to believe that I permanently dissuading him [the son] from doing that during a conversation in which I scared the daylights out of him by telling him EVERYTHING that goes on in combat (things that I tell no one, but I was obligated to tell him in order to save him from those mental scars).

    Again, Mark, thank you for this. I am not proud of what I have done or having "served," but I am happy to know now that it is wrong, and one must ALWAYS answer to their actions sooner or later.

    PS: the music never disappoints!

  7. Tell them about the one name which every demon hates. I've been deep into the occult and felt the draw of it's false power but the one thing that stopped them in their tracks every time was Jesus. Which means love saves. Only he can truly protect us and anything else is false light

  8. Hello, Mr Mark Passio well said. Only three comments so far? What is going on? You are talking my kind of thinking and view points which I relay to friends. You are on the money 100% but you're better them me because you posted this video.I can see you put a bit of time into this, A BIG BRAVO from me. I need to start doing the same. Try to help you and wake up the masses from my end. Take care and God Bless.

  9. Passio has a very direct way of kicking you in the intellectual balls repeatedly until you get through your cognitive dissonance. And only after, will you find reality making more sense. Thanks out to the man.

  10. I love Mark's work! My uncle was drafted into the Vietnam war…Before he knew it, he was on the front lines fighting Vietcong and their bubby traps. When 911 happened 🐸 I wanted to join the Marines and he told me if I'm not educated they're going to put you on the front lines as cannon fodder. He helped convince me to not make the mistake in fighting for oil tycoons and politicians who could give a fuck about me. He cried when I told him he helped me make one of the wisest choices in my entire life. Now I feel sorry for those who can't find their way and join military army's to kill for money. That's all it is ain't it? It's all about the false currency known as paper money.


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