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  1. Subliminally …. High fuckin 5 & a huge bro hug. Well stated ! I couldn't agree more nor have put it any better. Well done brotha. Im so glad to see that there are still ppl out here that arent completely brainwashed or just brain dead. Kind regards. Peace

  2. Who are you to judge a force deemed by nature??? You, as one of humankind… Are constantly being judged by the law of "nature"… That you deem binding and immutable… You are Nothing… And should be deemed as such in order to make a claim regarding the operation of nature

  3. Gravity isn’t a law…it is a theory. Coulomb’s LAW of electrostatic force meets the criteria for Natural Law and Gravity does not. Since this is about truth and all, Gravity is still under the “Phenomenon” category.

  4. Hi Mark, I would just like to give you a warm thanks for all your great work! I really wish people wouldn't have such a twisted and negative view of conscience and understanding in general. My guess is that people have just internalized social tyranny in a stockholm syndrome kind of way.
    We live in an age of unprecedented scientific effervescence that is so exhilarating, yet most people just prefer to suffer and die at the hands of greedy incapable "health authorities", and other scientific occulting scumbag "authorities", rather than interest themselves in learning the facts about all the solutions that are being figured out, and most people will go to the extreme of actually smearing and shunning those who like yourself present or point to solutions or who help develop a general understanding without any alter motive.
    Just a LITTLE PUN before I go: In the french version of the Language of the Birds (Thank you for teaching me that term), Passio would translate to "Not high enough", or "not sitting high"…
    …However, I would just add an "N" at the end of Passio in both french and english! Keep up the Great Work!

  5. Hey Mark, great content. Great Work.

    Could you share your knowledge on the speed of light and gravity not being constants… I'm just trying to tie things into the Great Scheme…. (converted jews protected by a book of Death)

  6. I get a feeling of bound up tension. But the message is worth hearing. Things are never so simple. Things happen to the strongest that make them humble and weak in one second. And things happen to the weakest that makes them all powerful overnight. Why this is? We may never know……….or something could happen that makes us all-knowing gods.

  7. i remember a society back in the 70s or 80s perhaps was it? that called themselves the great work , they passed on theyre spiritual healing through me and onto my father so he lived another 8 years , but when they did that it linked me to theyre spirits etc they was working with it seems , but i remember

  8. I like most of what Mark says, but I believe he projects his own desires and wishes onto some of what he teaches. Nature has not granted you any rights whatsoever. Ideas that the world is naturally free of violence, that the lion lays down with the lamb, that we are here for "Eternal betterment" – This is metaphysical nonsense introduced by the church to justify it's perversion of Greek philosophy that was used as the foundation for the church's atrocity, turning Socrate's "good" and Plato's "sun" into "God" and the "Son," introducing ideas of karma or judgement by God, ideas of justifying suffering, talking about cosmic justice, social justice, etc – none of this is needed to promote morality, accept among the ignorant. This is Plato's "Noble Lie" discussed in the Republic. But it's a lie nonetheless.

    So often "truth" is nothing more than a bludgeon, like "God," used to sanctify ones own error. Socrates didn't know what was true, but here Mark has it all figured out. It's just neurosis – everything you do results in harm to another, regardless of your intention, because nature is finite, scarcity is very real, competition is very real. Do those attempting to rule this world use this and exaggerate it to exploit? Yes, absolutely. Does this mean scarcity doesn't exist? No – The cells of your body are fighting off invaders even now, which seek to destroy you, and you them. Shall we talk about interfering in the "natural rights" of those beings? Shall we complain when the lion eats the lamb about the "natural rights" of the animal? No, this is mere projection of man upon nature, and man upon God! The founding fathers were very insightful, and they set out on a noble task, but they too were flawed like all of us.

    Natural law is not the laws of nature. Natural law IS New-Age Bullshit and it's promoted by the liberal church-goers of the world, the idealists and communists. If we changed this discussion to include the caveat that, oh, by the way, WE created natural law because it holds our society together, then the whole discussion becomes different. But we have to use "God" as a bludgeon.


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