1. First-time listener. One minute in and I find this guy is 180 degrees out of phase. To put it another way, he is utterly wrong. If you create the environment for evil to proliferate, then you hold the greater weight of responsibility. It is a very simple thing to understand and I am shocked this guy can't see the obvious. Perhaps he is trying too hard to be different?

  2. please help spread the word for Rickw and Amen Osiris they are saying some of the most important and powerful to stop our right from being violated and save our children at the same time

  3. Those wars are fought in the inrest of the elites , people are set up against the people , they Will be thought That the people is the enemy , for example the germans were told That the russians /bolsewiks were the enemy, with propaganda . For example bush jr told the american people That Saddam Hussein had wepeons of mass distruction this lie fed the American coalition war killing lots of inocent mothers kids and men. Just for the elite interest for oil ,Minerals in Irak and afganistan. , the US dumb us governoment doesnt give shit obout the people . They only care for oil and minerals

  4. Sheeple, "cast not pearls before swine"… Ears that will not hear, eyes will not see… Dangerous, these are the ones who will be selling lies about their neighbors for a loaf of bread.


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