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  1. Why blame women at all, when in fact all the leaders and members of these satanic societies are MEN? – Masonry, Fabian Society, Illuminati, Club of Rome, Skull & Bones… etc. They must be gay or pedophiles and other sexual obsessed MEN. A few women are lured IN as sex-slaves called Goddesses or Princess, or Priestesses. Don't forget in masonry there are princes and "WORSHIPFUL master. A bunch of so called real men worshiping a depraved man. How come there are so many MEN called "master" leading the world to disaster?

  2. I have tried to talk to women about these sorts of issues… when neo feminism hits the ears of most women they lose it. They freak. They just won’t even give it two seconds of time. I try, I really do, I try to talk to women about this and I try to make it an approachable topic and ease it onto them gently. It has NOT worked I’ve been completely demonized and dogged for my efforts. I made this video and they wanted to eat me for lunch.

    When it all burns…. when it all goes down the drain….. I can safely say I tried for humanity….. I gave it my best I truly tried. But we’re burning anyway…….. despite the ones waking up….. despite all the attempts of the wise teachers to offer the truth to us. People remain sheep and truly choose the path of ignorance. They don’t want to deal with it, the truth. They just don’t.

    We get what we deserve…..

  3. I’ll stick with Michael Tsarion, a deep thinker. Passio says, “This clown Obama… he’s gonna give us a PHONE”. That was bullshit propaganda from the poor-hating political establishment. Come on, Passio.
    Obama was a major disappointment and a war criminal… but don’t play in to the sick Christo-Fascist narrative about poor people. Freaks can be a sign that we are returning to god, slowly but surely.

  4. "Getting the children away from the family." I have often thought that the development of the "9-5" work model was to separate the children away from the parents.

    The children would be daily exposed to the State, men would be separated from the family and women would be left alone in the home, which leaves them to, "idle hands are the Devil's play thing."

    Good video. Thanks.

  5. There is no way of influencing men so powerfully as by means of the women.These should therefore be our chief study;we should insinuate ourselves into their good opinion ,give them hints of emancipation from the tyranny of public opinion,and of standing up for themselves ;it will be an immense relief to their enslaved minds to be freed from any one bond of restraint ,and it will fire them the more to,and cause them to work for us with zeal ,without knowing that they do so, for they will only be indulging their own desire of personal admiration !Proofs of Conspiracy 1798 Anybody who cant see whats been happening your blind Women have been robbed of their divinity and society is being broken down to be controlled Feminism is an agenda that has been hijacked

  6. The Great Work Deeply religious people are generally more traditional and less susceptible to all the outside garbage being taught, so how are they contributing to the problem? That part of your analysis makes no sense. One of the reasons that Europe is so vulnerable to mass immigration, and the islamic take over is because they don't have strong ties with Christianity anymore. And even if you don't "buy" all of the Christian story, everyone in the Western world is a product of Christianity and should defend the basic moral tenets of it at all costs, love thy neighbor as thyself, forgiveness, and do unto others ….. islam is a selfish "religion" and wants to dominate and take over. That is one islam's tenets, to take over the world.

  7. I've been pointing out how few women are in the truth movement since 2001. It's a cult of state-worshiping degenerates who want to party forever and ever. There is no morality. Satanists run everything.

  8. I can definitely tell that This guy is a disinformation shill because he's trying to promote dysgenics by saying that eugenics is only something satanists advocate for. Undesirables definitely do have to go because you can't have a functioning society where a majority of people are low-IQ violent felons, mentally-handicapped, or congenitally lame who hamper society with ethnic dilution, covered-up crime waves, and brain drains but their elimination can be a gradual and completely humane incentive-based process by rewarding monetary compensation and reduced prison sentences to genetic undesirables who elect to get vasectomies and setting up a dating service for genetically ideal people to meet each other, get married, and have healthy children together. A complete lack of a eugenics program has done nothing but aggravate Western Civilization's decline.

  9. As for rising crime in America , it started with letting women vote look at prohibition, before the 1920's America didn't even have or need a FBI or the other 5,000 police agencies we have today, years ago the police in London didn't even carry a pistol, today the police look like SWAT

    When Europe lost the 1945 war, the French gave women the right to vote, and so today we have open borders, in 2005 women voted in Merkel a East German communist, this is women they will vote for anything liberal without thinking of the consequences

  10. Feminism is at the core of globalism; it's biologically based, it divides the population in half, it's got a moral feel to it… and it celebrates itself so openly that it's intoxicating

  11. I brought up some redpill stuff (regarding the comment near the end of the video) to some of the women I have a few beers with from time to time, including women working. Safe to say it would have been safer if I choked a puppy in front of them.

  12. If Passio is right, then the hyper masculine Trump train is a problem… There were a lot of women involved with Trump's campaign… But Trump seems to have polarized women against men.

  13. Wow, not sure where to start here. You assert that it's going to take macho, masculine men to repair the damages that are done by 2000+ years of unchecked macho masculine men?! What the what? You also use personal anecdotes, hearsay and conjecture as the basis of your arguments. True, there are evil people out there, but to lump them into such broad groups and stigmatize them is quite silly. I'm not sure what your objective is with this piece. It seems like your goal is to incite hatred towards groups of people you do not like or do not understand.

  14. Recently I went to a Nesei Japanese first arrival 1st, generation talk to those that where put in to interment camps I live in Hawaii & it was held at the veterans Hall for Japanese soldiers, well the question I ask was if they Believed in Fascist Socialism (NAZISM) since they are the elders now , I also asked if they see Socialism pushed in America after the War, most answered (YES) to seeing a major change with socialism being the normal in America after the war In the mid 40's till today in every aspect from cradle to grave even here in Hawaii , and I agree with them , communism, Socialism, Fascism, Corporatism, all same results with different names ,

  15. The scripture does mention all that you are saying, it also explains this knowing another god, times of the gentiles churchianity that worship Satan by being deceived. They worship money. This world system falls. Churchianity doesn't speak about the whore of Babylon,(England)America is the whore. It's all Satanism you are right, the direct opposite of original law. All things in common, equal weights and measures, churches selling their belongings to meet the needs of the poorest believers. The church is satanic and changes law to we no longer follow God's law because jeezus took away all sin.Yet he comes back to fulfill the law. You got Satanism down perfectly however you are unaware of how the original bible speaks about this and predicts it completely. Pastors don't know God they run businesses. And make merchandise out of potential believers who then turn away do to stumbling blocks of the satanic churchianity. It speaks of our fight being against this evil, and how they are murdering the the true believers financially. Of course churchianity does not speak of it again they are worshipping the sun god on Sunday, Tamuz who's symbol is the cross, birthday Dec 25, Yeshua was nailed to a post or tree. Its all lies all world systems are satanic run by demons.

  16. Sister Mary Hardass gave our eighth grade class this same talk DAILY. In 1962!! Yeah, same subjects, same talk. But a lot of ranting about eternal damnation, Lucifer etc, was thrown in. We all thought she was crazy. She very well could have been crazy. However, maybe being crazy is from knowing the truth. She was so right.

  17. I have acces to it there a bunch of brainless retards , only want to talk about drivel celebrity reality tv Kardashian’s fucking bullshit woman are asleep or the majority are fucking idiots

  18. Thank you mr passion all good info shine s light on these bastard commi wankstains socialist socialism ism fuckwits social engineering at it finest and don’t forget all them philosoppist and born again Christians all through the UN / EU fucking makeing biblical prophecy happen stupid bastards fuck all this distortion and fuck all these satanic bastards

  19. you're the best. It's really difficult in communicating with people in general.
    once at work, a woman, 24. who sat next to me, with tears in her eyes said, "i wish i was born into the kardashian family! they are the coolest!" she also said how she really needed a Brazilian butt lift so she can find true love. (media brainwashed)

    then i have a friend whom i had as a friend for 30 years recently said no to my asking her for a few bucks for gas to get to work. she said that for so long, she's felt "obligated" to pay for our outings to lunch all these years, obligated…yet she pays a lot of money to so called channelors for alien contacts, believes that her joy in eating raises her vibrations that makes for a better world ( yet recently suffered food poisoning)
    she said no to helping me out is because she felt that she needs to focus on herself…me me me… i got laid off that same week. (new age brainwashed)

    i was a church organist/ pianist at a protestant church. they did some great things for me, financially many times. but as a musician, the music i had to play "contemporary Christian music for the choir) was downright torture for me as they all sound like disney music with words about blood, blood, and more blood, and death. there's a hymn called "there's a fountain"
    the first line…there's a fountain filled with blood, drawn from emmanuels veins that sounds good for a death metal band.
    it was in January of this year, i was in the process of being evicted from my apartment. the landlord said i had to get my stuff out by sunday. i called off on friday and told one of the church elders my situation. on Saturday, i got a call back…" Johanna, at this time, you're not in good standing here, and your action on calling off is not acceptable."
    i resigned. to this day, they don't ask how I'm doing.
    since they support wars, since their god appoints their leaders and they are ( friends on facebook) they might be seeing my anti war, anti Zionist, anti state…etc, they most likely see me as lost. haha!! (religion brainwashed)

    i have so many stories of different situations in so many catagories it's not funny. even the so called " fine arts" is not fine at all! pretentious, ignorant snobs they are!
    i for one can't ignore reality of what's going on, while the rest just watches tee vee, follows the leaders and worship the popular.

  20. It becomes a very lonely existence when you speak against this evil as a woman. People view you as negative and crazy because you are speaking out of what is really going on. It is that 50's existence still where women were forced to shut their mouths or be humiliated and put into mental institutions. I agree with you Mark….Women are nurturing this satanism when their choosing to be silent and not teaching their children the differences between right and wrong….More importantly, they support their children idolizing the entertainment world or have them dressing like their sexual objects.


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