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  1. @23:00, My body doesn't produce testosterone and even though its a genetic disorder Ive had and will have for the rest of my life its an ongoing battle to get the testosterone I need. Of course women in my life keep telling me I don't need it cuz its "dangerous". My emotions are constantly out of whack, my muscles are weak despite exercise. I will genuinely never know what it trully feels like to be a man and my society is ok with that. Its sickening!

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  3. There are people who've been planning my demise from pulpits of power. There are people at my jobs whose only purpose is to antagonize, intimidate, instigate, and pester. You're preaching to the choir. I'd imagine that one of the first lessons attorneys and lawyers learn from the bar association is who they can't go up against. Murder suicide is the norm. Tell me how to be a man, when the whole system is a rigged joke? Just don't give me any truth with my fruit loops.Talk is cheap. You'll know them by their fruits.

  4. Mark Passio, most of the viewers here love your insights because you don't pussy foot around. I agree with a lot of your statements. Some of us don't speak it but think about it every day. An individual that knows what is going on should be compelled to do what is right not because it is easy but because it is hard. If you watch a child about to perform an act that could endanger them would you not intervene? So to you have responsibility to your fellow human / soul to enlighten there perspective in life.

    Most people on the net use factitious names or nicknames but little do they know that they are being viewed and monitored by their IP address so there is no enmity. I use my name because I stand for my beliefs. I may not always be right but I am more aware and conscious then most of the population here on earth.

    One last thing. To get pissed off or show emotion isn't it a natural path?, because you don't get emotional over things that aren't close to your heart.
    You fight for love
    You fight for truth
    You fight for your own soul
    And hence you have passion to push and probe and speak your mind.

    God Bless you Mark Passio, keep on doing what you do.

  5. There are SO many reasons for the way people are. The malnourishment, the toxic bodies and environment, and the psyche of the non human people that are the descendants of the Neanderthals.

  6. Karma does not exist in nature nor is it natural in any way. Karma is a human creation and that's it. When the hell have you ever seen karma exist in nature or natural law, in any way shape or form? Their is nothing that is going to punish you for doing so called immoral things. Lol ya know, when it comes to oppressing people karma exist, But what about other species? People swap flies like they're nothing. Is their karma in that? What about hunters that go and kill animals for sport? Is their karma in that? I just don't buy the whole karmic punishment thing. Theirs not enough evidence to support it. With that said, i believe passio is a true hero and people need to listen to truth.

  7. No word about the jews who currently control all this crap. Blame the nazis that don't exist anymore .. Nice one Mark. Just look at all the heavy handed tyranny 'laws' and who authors them and all the anti gun proponant. It's not nazis.

  8. What you say is true but we need to see the whole picture. And the point is, all men just follow what the crowd does . . remember the establishment has brainwashed the western man to fear gov and also the mentality persists that, if I speak out or start something nobody will follow and I'll be the sacrificed hero . . in an analogous way, the Middle Eastern man is indoctrinated to "hate the West" and "be a martyr" so they are taught to be suicidal and don't care for their life . . the Amer man perhaps overprotects his life and won't risk it to get involved . . the issue is to determine where's the point of inflection beyond which, your passiveness will no longer protect you . . and yes I think we've passed that point.


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