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  1. I think there are a lot of people – like myself – that have had major sightings of craft but only tell certain people who they think would understand about it. There is a psychic element or altered consciousness aspect to close up sighting – I don't know about lights like these that at pretty far away and could, really be anything – even disinformation crated by the military by suspending lights in some way – but a real sighting of a craft like I saw – a 747 sized cylindrical hull – diamond shaped windows – no wings – and a brain stunning roaring. I think the entire UFO movement needs to go back and read James Trevor Constable and thoughts about 'etheria' – an entire energy biology that exists in the atmosphere.

  2. You can take a picture in the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico theres nothing to obstruct The View like a lot of trees, buildings and these aliens know this because mostly its better to hide

  3. in fact they screwed about that much, the metaphysical is now both attached and disjointed with the physical.for those that may not know what the metaphysical is. it's the land of dreams, out of body experiences, nightmare and ?heaven. . the blast circles are becoming more and more frequent and intricate, atoms are strange things and they should not have screwed with them. it is a world full of greedy non caring or insightful people. with only a few knowing the real love of nature and life.

  4. if I am correct it's an identified flying non-object. also if being caught in a crop circle blast does that to crop what would it do to a human, or a piece of metal, as in the so called ufo crash near area whatever it is. sorry,

  5. within a crop circle the crop becomes elongated and the nodes have iron FUSED onto them. this chemical reaction occurs because I guess it is one molecule short of one atom. the sugar within the crop changes into iron fragments. and I guess it is this that the government's are working on. or someone is. crop circles have happened through out time as we use up our energy. hence stonehenge and the like. unfortunately as the circles became more intricate , it is my guess they are really screwing about with our overall energy of the earth. we were a bubble, until it was popped and they started throwing and taking billions and billions af our at,'s out if out bubble. it is my guess they are the signs of the end. the lights are burning balls of energy on the very edge og nothingness. scary, x

  6. it's an energy anomaly related to crop circles whereby they do not have the energy needed. these lights are cause we screwed up. and the aien image is a real human being caught within the blast.

  7. Don't believe anything in the media. Just look at 9/11 for fucks sake.
    Media is also controlled by the government or are we not realising this. The media will only show what the government allows it to show. And The media will get fed a story that they MUST publish to cover it or they will be fired or killed,


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