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  1. Are we not all Gods especially in the making (process of Ascension). The planets/stars are an influence; however, we are the one's with our Divine Self who manifest our reality which is an internal process. The year 2012 marked the end of the 26,000 year orbit around the (Great) Central Sun & the Photon Belt: it is referred to the End of the Beginning, the Beginning of the End if you're indeed done playing The Game (of separation). And, if you're done, then you're ready to take on the mantle of (Divine) Self whereby you're taking on accountability and responsibility of your core themes and issues. It is time according to our Unity consciousness to merge our shadow and Light

  2. It not just the public that hadn’t seen it but I’ve met professional psychologists in the pub who don’t seem to understand how the masses are and can be controlled… university doesn’t appear to teach free thinking or the means of using fear and the media and finance to control the population. They understand a psychotherapy and a research concept but not the bigger control system at play. I often think the academically trained are the most gullible of all. There seems to be a huge need to please their teachers or something !

    Generally the nativity of most people amazes me

  3. Wonders will never cease (for is there ever really anything else?) – I had a discussion with my family today where the consensus reached was that there was a control grid in place, the media is the mouthpiece of Sauron and that ending the master/slave codependency within ourselves is the road to freedom. 2 years ago they called me crazy, now it's an Easter dinner rational discussion. Progress, my friends, progress!


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