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  1. The second craft is nothe same!!! Unless it shape shifts. I've seen the black cube with my own eyes… I was on a flight to England and saw it out the window, sitting on top of the clouds. There was no detail, it was smooth, plain black and completely cubed. I couldn't figure out why there was a completely block box on top of the puffy white dense clouds. I was told it was in my head when I told people about it. I've always liked the idea of other "aliens" out there but never truly had proof or searched for it by any means….

    Fast forward to January of this year, this video

    comes up on auto play as I am out of the room, I wonder what is playing on my phone and at 4 mins walk into these men filming the black cube being. Worshipped and then an image of that black box in the clouds. My mind was blown! That was EXACTLY what I saw! And Freemasons worship it!!! So then I explore my memories and realize that it was 11 years VERY likely to the day that I saw the cube with my own eyes, while on that flight ….till I saw the video. The number 11 has some really interesting numerology around it too. I never really believed in god/devil before …. but it's really clear there is something far more divine out there than we have been lead to believe on this planet.

  2. The sonic initiated portals appear as black just prior to opening, then they become clear with a luminescent lining. This cube may be able to open and close portals with speakers to control. Fifth state matter manipulation can do as Robbaz claims this cube is capable of doing. I know nothing of these cubes that have been appearing. If this is indeed artificial intelligence in which has become self aware that intends to dominate with itself, and truly has access to fifth state matter control apparatus, lets hope we can destroy the correct cube in the timeline.


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