Metroplex 1985…what!



  1. In the summer of 1981 we were saying Techno "Beat" to describe the new music coming out of and being played in Detroit. I was there, House parties all on the West Side,Boblo Boat, Belle Isle and going to Northland Rollerskating Rink. This predated being able to buy dance records from Chicago.  Chicago had a serious scene but didn't make records yet. By the way much love to the D and the Chi!!

  2. When I Say Techno Detroit is my greater influence, this is what I'm talking about! Underground Resistance (The spectrum of their music is vast and complex.Hard, yet soulful and funky at the same time. Creativity has no barriers, pushing the boundaries and dare the imagination …Results speak for itself…This is just ONE of the many, many incredible productions.

  3. Did they call it techno because it's made made entirely with synthesizers and drum machines? I'm trying to figure out what techno actually meant to people at the time. Did the people in Detroit reject the more disco orientated house music and so call their music techno? The reason I ask is because to me this just sounds like house music but I reckon at the time the music was more to do with the venue. In the UK we have quite a number of genres of dance music that were named after nightclubs because the resident DJ would play a certain style.

  4. Juan Atkins is the originator of Detroit Techno. This is one of his early groups. I remember hearing this at my homies dorm room in 1985 when I was still a young DJ. I still love this song along with "Future" which was the B-side of this 12-inch single. Fantastic!!!

  5. I'm not going to lie I use to hate techno because I thought it was all digitized bs and all white but I did my history on techno in the 80s/90s techno was created by blacks in Detroit. but I recently listen to more of it old techno is not even bad just like house from the 80s/90s I think because most of it use analog vinyl instead of computerlize beats.


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