Hello and Thanks for Subscribing Everyone. Roads around Copernicus or tunnels wow UFO’s AGAIN and this time slower ones. Clouds or smoke as the UFO’s peak through…



  1. another solid and easy way to help explain to those of us that try to wrap our minds around the process of seeing thru all the ''noise'' that the moon puts in between it and you. the thing u did with the earth i feel helped a lot of us understand how hard the work that u do is. #nice

  2. Bruce,. Had an idea. If all these buildings are so Hugh. And if the Moon is hollow with more inhabitants. Instead of there being millions of human size or smaller inhabitants. Just what if this is where the Giants of Old went too. An older Species let's say. That here on Earth built the Pyrimids all over the Earth with their own size and strength. ???? That would explain such Large building complexes.!!!

  3. awesome videos brother… i would love to see a real picture of earth from the moon. imagine people like us doing the same thing from there lol it probably looks grey like we see the moon.

  4. You're right, they don't go "UFO speeds" and in my opinion they don't maneuver like you think a "UFO" would either. I think they're humans in human made flying machines of some sort.

  5. Good day bruce I was wondering if you could post a map of the moon my map does not show Mons Arghaeus on it ,just put it in your next vid I will snip a pic If possible .Thankyou [p.s my profile pic is partial of face structure on the moon I took about 2 months ago around mare crisium area on moon]

  6. How does mankind know that the earth is round?I'm not a flat earther,but you show images of what appears to be something on the moon,and I am not questioning what you do,but how is it that people think it's (round). I don't care if it's square,but you are certain that it's round.There are hater's,but also,how can you believe that it's round without proof. BTW,I thank you for the hard work you put into this.

  7. Great work! Can you answer this question? How is it that on earth we get or at least use to get beautiful sunny days and yet on the moon even though it is in direct sunshine it looks dull and dim. Why is it like that? All the old film footage of the so called moon landings show an almost twilight . That is hard to believe but maybe it is that way. So I will leave it to you Bruce the expert!


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