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  1. I have been telling you, these are demons! One came over my vehicle as I was with my family on Sunday night. It came up to me at a four way and I prayed to the Lord God Almighty and it sat over me about 30 ft. Above. I couod see the gun metal grey color of it and the three corners with a white light in each end and a red 🔴 ligh4 flashing in the middle. I prayer to the Lord and said, may the Lord Jesus rebuke you, JESUS, JESUS, JESUS and it zipped away. These are demons. The deception is at hand. Demon's are Alien's. And you Tyler need ti start getting these people lead in he right direction man.

  2. Hi there everyone, it’s a flock of starlings lol.
    Can people please type in ‘starling flock flying’ on YouTube. Their flight pattern is a beautiful sceptical.
    They only seem to disappear because chunks of them will fly at an angle all at the same time and in videos the flock is very far away so each individual bird is hard to see. It’s like looking at a piece of paper from the surface and then looking at it from the edge.

  3. ….Gosh, I lived in the next county, (Devon) most of my life, now I live abroad, I have traveled on the A30 many-a-time, wish i were there at the time, I would have videoed and followed it all the way!

  4. I searched the Eden Project and couldn't find anything on this. If it's man made, what is it? There should be a simple answer…"Advertisement" is not an answer.

  5. Here are a couple of links to some birds doing a similar thing. Morphing into different shapes. Also note at times some of them seem to at times disappear due to flying angles.I could possibly be some sort of birds.

  6. I sore something once many years ago over 10 years ago i should say. here in England to be more precise Oswestry. I was in a car back seat sorta late ish picking my brother up Now all I can say is that it was a circle shape solid black definetly wasn't birds unless there is a species that can do something cool. But as I said It was a circle shape solid black and I guess it had an affects of like sea waves? Idk it was long ago but I do remember a solid black circle shape. I can't say I imagined it cause me and my parents sore it. I think and they also asked what it was. Many years later I tryed bringing it back up but I don't think they remember. So I kinda left that at the back of my head lol but I guess its sorta bugging me but yhh lol

    Apologize for my grammar lol :p

  7. I don't have pictures or video to show but on my way to work, a few months ago, I saw something similar, and I was asking my self what can that possibly be? I thought it's was a flock of birds, with an amazing synchronicity, this was in Arizona.

  8. someone had probably already pointed this out, but it can not be a flock of birds unless they ALL have idedic memories as to where they are all positioned in the sky because the basic shape never changes. various pieces of the shape come in and out of view. that's all, but the shape of, whatever it is, never changes. thus, it is absolutely not birds.


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