Here is a french girl called Jennifer, she is talking about her “cat eyes” anomaly. Notice her tongue is often OUT.



  1. There's an old bloke that gets the number 6 bus in Southampton (Hamble to southampton)that has an anunnaki eye.. Perhaps both, they /its green .. He's usually with his I assume wife, I often think of saying something.. But he sees me looking at him,and usually looks a bit frightened.. Probably because of the bullshit the Hampshire constabulary and freemasons wrote in the newspapers (google my name)

  2. there are many anomaly's with the eyes…the pupils here are narrow and known as colomba…there are also genetic defects of people having double pupils known as pupula duplex. unless our scientists are in co hoots with the government to hide these hybrids by giving these conditions a name through science to explain without further question is another story


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