1. Milton William Cooper was murdered on the 5th Nov. 2001 for "whistleblowing" the entire EVENT in June 2001'
    Philip Marshal. wrote a book about them, "The Great Bamboozal" and his entire family was sadistly slaughtered.
    Rubin Schmidt
    2 years ago
    Prevailing Winds Magazine. No. 3 1993. "Your supervisor is the main reason of the bombing the World Trade Center." (Special Agent John Anticev) "Mr. Salem said, "Mr. Anticev did not deny it." (N.Y. Times) also reported in the Chicago Tribune. Former FBI Chief, Ted Gunerson, says that FBI/CIA were behind 1993 WTC bombing. If the public didn't take notice of this atrocity, why should they insist that people like Bremner face a firing squad, at ground zero. ???

  2. The Holocaust was not a hoax. Truth is truth, Don't turn your mind over to anyone, namely, "the devil". But instead, HAVING THW MIND OF CHRIST, ASKING GOD FOR FORGIVENESS IF your sins, AND THAT you ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST AS your LORD AND SAVIOR, BECAUSE you Want to be Born Again! HE(JESUS), LOVES You, Us, And Wants to be Born Again, not by corruptible seed, BUT INCORRUPTIBLE SEED.

  3. Pleiadian
    1 second ago
    David is making a little confusion here about Heart Disease, Cholesterol, Statins, Vitamin D. The body with the Liver produces all the cholesterol the body needs for all proper functions in humans. Cholesterol from external sources is what make heart diseases. Eating a diet with animals and animals products is what raises the cholesterol level way above normal lvl which should be below 140 mg/dl. A cholesterol below 140 mg/dl and a person will hardly develop coronary arterial disease. Now with animal food intake (including also dairy and eggs) it is nearly impossible to achieve such (real) normal cholesterol lvl and because nearly all rich populations eats this way we see such epidemic of deaths and bypass surgeries. Now statins are not a treatment for high cholesterol but a band aid. Statins do not take away from your arteries and veins the cholesterol you ingested by a poisonous diet but instead stop the natural liver production of cholesterol. Statins block an enzyme called HMG CoA Reductase that the liver uses to make cholesterol. That is why if you start taking statins doctors tell you that you will need to take them for life. Because you are not treating the real causes of high cholesterol which is only and I repeat only your diet and because after many years of use the liver may not longer be able to produce natural cholesterol anylonger so you may need to source it only by that poisonous diet that made you sick in the first place. So constantly higher cholesterol levels = statins for life. The real treatment is 1) stop immediately all animal foods including fish, dairy and eggs. 2) Refuse statins. 3) Allow the liver to produce normal blood cholesterol levels which is between 90 mg/dl and 140 md/dl. If you do not change the diet you will have not choice then to take statins until you make up your mind on diet. Higher is the cholesterol level above 140 mg/dl and more you will be at risk of heart attack and stroke so lowering it as much as you can lowers also the chances of dying. Statins have also an other bad side effect which is the thinning of arterial walls that may lead to raptures and death by bleeding. The cholesterol your liver makes without ingesting poisonous animal foods is all the cholesterol the human body needs for all functions including the making of Vitamin D3. I researched and studied human Health Nutrition for nearly 20 years and I can say the medical world is not really keen on teaching you the truth and in seeing you healthy and prosperous. If the medical establishment will start recommending everybody to go Plant Based with low fat and not oil in a short time they will not have anymore patients to see and prescribe chemical pills to because they will become all healthy. Diabetes Type 2 can be reversed in 3 weeks maximun on this diet and serious coronary heart disease can be regressed completely between 1 and 3 years without surgery only following this diet free of animal products and oils.

  4. He does talk a lot about Zionism in his lectures.the problem about talkin about the fake holocaust is the powers that be who are Zionist Jews will immediately ban him and do everything they can to destroy him.i remember a case that happened some 30 yrs ago when an honest jew wanted to expose the fraud was threatened for his life and forced to apologize and forced to exile.they do it to their own kind as well.thats why he is careful not to touch the subject.just my 2 cents

  5. -Find the TRUTH. Check this out!
    Just Google “The Truth Contest” and scroll down for the menu.
    It’s there, all for YOU. It’s TOTALLY free!!

    As Sally said:
    "Hi, I just want say thank you for your knowledge. You showed me the door to eternal life, it's what I was searching for all my life sub consciously and consciously
    . This changed my life/mind, now I feel nothing but joy, love, life now that I know the truth. Everything you have written makes perfect sense, I cant stop reading it. I will help keep the truth alive, and live it and spread it, the truth is everywhere, now I see it, feel, hear it, and smell it. Thank you very much, I will never stop searching!" – Sal P.

    Or Michael:
    "Just want to say… I am 27 and I don't think I've ever read a book cover to cover. In one day. Something that I've wanted to read. That I felt compelled to read. A part of me almost feels sad that I have spent 27 years seemingly devoid of that feeling and/or accomplishment… But if this was the book that made me feel this way… Then I am ecstatic! :). Given I'm not fond of reading, clearly :P, the 100 pages of that took me around about 8 hours. I feel… Different. I feel good. Almost… High. Its strange. I feel it resonated on a deep level. Quite surprising that the author passed away in 2013 and I'm just now hearing about this in 2016. Then again, I guess it isn't. I no longer know which word is appropriate, but I wish to grow and live in and of the spiritual realm and to leave the animal realm behind. I feel numb. I feel somewhat sad at this moment that I will never personally be able to thank this man. I suppose the truly sad thing is that I feel that way and there is nothing to be sad about." – Michael M.

  6. I am part Jewish. So bc I'm Jewish what I say matters more according to Icke and our racist society. HORSESHIT!! Auschwitz was a labor camp like the rest of the camps. C'mon Icke! Holocaust is total BS. The people who were tortured were the Germans, Japanese and Russians. The people who suffered the most were European Christians – 70 million dead – many after the war. If the purpose of the camps was to kill Jews then there would be no survivors. The Jews were defenseless – how did they survive? Why wouldn't the Germans just shoot them? They shot Americans, English, Russians, Polish, and others – why not just shoot the Jews? They knew the Americans and Russians were coming – it took four damn years to get to the camp! So, they couldn't have possibly been surprised. It's so ridiculous. Yeah, they herded Jews from all over Europe and stood them in line to tediously and expensively gas/burn them after they numbered them and stamped them. Oh, and left no forensic evidence of murder nor any list of names nor a single document concerning the "final solution." Nor did our reconnaissance show any possible fuel source to burn six million people (which was changed to 3 million btw) nor was there any workable gas chamber nor was their any pink bodies which result from cyanide poisoning. Look at the pictures of those starving people in the camps – at the dead bodies being bulldozed bc of Typhus – they are not Jewish – the penises are not circumcised ! They are Europeans – mostly German and mostly Catholic. They are starving bc the Americans and Brits bombed their supply tracks. The labor camps were the safest place to be in Germany and Poland during WWII. Oh and to legally be a holocaust survivor only means that you have to be Jewish and have lived in Nazi occupied lands. You could have lived in a palace in North Africa, never have stepped foot in a camp and you are legally a holocaust survivor. THE HOLOCAUST IS A VICIOUS LIE!!!

  7. Davd is a disinformation agent its is know from the bible abraham was the father of jacob and ismael abraham came for ur in sumer and there is 12 tribes of jacob all the tribes got taken in to slavery in to assiria and got displaced then rome came and destroyed the second temple of salomon. You know tjat fake wall that the jews pray in. Dis information agent says some truths but 90 % is false and since he says some things that are true but most is false. The shapeshifters that david once said he was the meshia in the 1990s he got laughed out of tv 📺 whent away for a wile and came back in this incarnation half truths he is not revealing anything that any one with a smart phone can find on their own

  8. I used to work in a care home in the UK. They give paracetamol every day to the old people they care for even if they feel well. They just give it to everyone. I remember me back then being astonished watching them giving pain killers to still healthy people.


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