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  1. Compression artefacts. Plus, if NASA really wanted to hide stuff appearing in the live feeds all they would do is introduce a 10 minute retransmission delay during which they could seamlessly edit out anything. Just like regular broadcasters do on phone-in radio shows.

  2. Whoever is interested in this things, must have seen the same triangle-flying-ufos in other videos and people even recording them with infra-red cameras because they are otherwise not visible to the naked eye….

  3. What if they are cloaked like in Star Trek and we don't know that they are monitoring us without breaking the Prime Directive? Heavy huh? Problem is this looks nothing like a ship so the only conclusion came to mind is what if this universe was a Holodeck and the aliens made a mistake with something, malfunctioned and we caught this on camera resulting ISS freaking out blocking the camera? Thoughts anyone? Puts Tin foil hat on

  4. Look the proof I want is the the freaking alien craft boom in plane view for minutes period. Until then it’s all crap. All I saw here was black screen with a hint of what could be almost anything. This is not proof.

  5. What species is this ? Ship design is unlike anything I've seen yet. Must be dimensional shifting to just slowly appear like that. That model ship is super cool and neat decals too. Probably more functional than superficial but still awesome.


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