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  1. these aliens are prison guards…we humans are prisoners in this prison planet which explains why we have not returned to the moon or why we are not allowed to leave earth and explore space

  2. I'd love for them to be genuine alien craft but, the black Knight looks like wreakage from a shuttle or satellite, all the other videos are debris because you can see them tumbling and they have an erratic shape, the only video I can't explain is the triangle lights

  3. Tyler I'm not new to the program but I love the way you put things together it's it's amazing how so much stuff is out there Dimension space it's absolutely crazy wow!!! Keep up the good work peace and love my friend

  4. Pee ice but you know there is over 1,000,000 pieces of space junk floating around Earth. From paint chips to rocket boosters and China just with in the last year sent up a ton of junk to kick out spy sats over their country. Every day we and the rest of the world sent more explosive bolts or failed sat and even cars up every year. Nice vid but until meet a insect ET and it eats my hand forget it.

  5. IMO…the one of the dark object moving under the crew over the white background of the clouds…is the shadow of the craft the crew are in. It changes as the clouds change in depth, etc.


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