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  1. Assuming for a second this isn't BS. How would it protect the pilot from the inertia & extreme G-forces inflicted while maneuvering in the ways these craft have been observed?

  2. the ufos are invisible. The people inside are invisible and when they are outside. They are human not aliens. Aliens is a fraud. They are using this technology to walk into your homes unnoticed. They are rapist and child molesters. the nazi created ufos but they did not invent them. they stole the secret. they dress tortured people up as aliens and put fake skull and color their skin. they use brain control to control them. these people are brain controlling the entire population. They are serious criminals and murders. They are doing serious crime and it's going unnoticed. They are murdering and doing unimaginable crime. The alien bs is to distract you. They have invisibility and using it and brain control to control people. the government is so stupid that these people are in their offices stealing their secrets without getting noticed. They are living freely without working as they freeload and steal from stores without getting noticed.

  3. In late 1953, a group of U.S. defence experts visited Avro Canada to view the new CF-100 fighter jet. Somewhere along the way, Frost co-opted the tour and rerouted it to the Special Projects area where he proceeded to show off the Project Y mock-up and models and drawings (some never before seen by senior company officials)
    Possible connections…,2880089&hl=en,3343934&hl=en

    In late 1953!! Immigrant scientist came to Canada in September of the same year!?

  4. America got the majority of German scientists after the war to see if they were developing flying saucer technology , anti gravity stuff.
    The fact that seventy years later nothing has been used in U.S. defence or in any wars must indicate that Hitler failed to develop anything close.


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