Nephilim What They Never Tell You, The Truth, Fallen Angels, Giants, Hybrids

Nephilim are a group of people within the bible but, beyond this we don’t actually know who these people are.

Unfortunately nobody knows what Nephilim actually means, so two guess arise in bible translations. Many cite they were Giants and translate Nephilim to mean giants based on its appearance only twice in the bible, due to the report of the Israelite spies saying we where like grasshopper in there sight. This report of these spies was rejected by Moses. While we see Giants in the bible, it’s not possible to prove that the Nephilim where actual a name for some of these Giants, Nephilim are described a mightly and men of old and of renown suggesting this reputation was for being more than just big.

The second group hold that Nephilim means “the fallen ones”. Some would say this is a reference to fallen angles, I tend to ask people to prove this is not a title for a group of great fallen human that turn away grow God. To be fair no translation of the word Nephilim is a solid foundation for building a theory.

Half Angel, half man Nephilim Giants has been made popular by people selling books (Chuck Missler) people making a number of fake giant skeletons (not all giant skeletons are fake) and those selling Dvd’s. Unfortunately biblical accuracy is not of great concern and non Bible books often are used to support such theories.

Its worth noting that Hybrid theories are not new ideas but, where about in the days of the early Church. These false ideas where a central part of why the inspired books where compiled into the 66 book BIble. Many New Testament books are written to counter false ideas like this. People claim that these books where cited or quoted in the bible, I would say that doesn’t prove they are God’s word or carry devine inspiration as Paul the apostle quotes poets and Philosophy of his time whilist explaining his points in scripture, we would not dare to claim those writing where inspired.

This study of Genesis 6 is in a little detail and hopefully will help you leave with a clearer understanding of what is written. I don’t hold to teachings from the book of Enoch.

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