“Nephilim,Giants & Ancient Mysteries”Fritz Zimmerman

Fritz Zimmerman has spent over 15 years pouring over 10,000 historical documents and newspaper archives at one of the country’s largest genealogical libraries, and has spent 13 years of archaeological fieldwork exploring over 200 mound and earthworks in the Ohio Valley. He shared the results of his research, including evidence for ancient giants in America (view related images). Giants came to America from two different places, he reported. One group, the Maritime Archaic from Northern Europe, arrived around 5,000 BC, and had an almost Neanderthal appearance, standing between 7.5 to 9 ft. in height. The other group, he continued, were the seafaring Amorites who were engaged in metal trade, and were the builders of the many mounds in the British Isles, as well as later in the Ohio Valley.

The Amorites came to North America from around 1500 to 1000 BC, and their numbers were eventually absorbed into the Native American population, he explained. Many of the giant skeletons were discovered when the mounds were opened, and a lot of them were taken by the Smithsonian, but “once they got to the Smithsonian you never heard of them again,” he noted. Zimmerman believes the evidence was suppressed because the Smithsonian backed the idea that all of the mound builders were of Native American stock. He also talked about curious paranormal activity in the Midwest, such as Mothman accounts, that seem to relate to areas near the mounds in the Ohio Valley.

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