For a decade, archaeologists have been racing to study deep mysterious trenches slashed through the soil of the Amazon. Rings, squares and hexagons have pointed to long-forgotten human settlements…



  1. this would be so great of proven. Perhaps deforestation in the Amazon has a silver lining?

    Did you know about the ancient native American site in North Georgia thought to maybe be Mayan? There are asks some prophecy stones at the University of Georgia thought to have Maya connections

  2. There are old churces and fortresses in Brazil which are built upon much ancient stone structures, some of them have tunnels just like the egyptians chambers.

  3. I think in the Bible people were worshipping the serpent and then a bigger power came and destroyed the serpent culture. So places like China plant trees on purpose to cover up their pyramids and sphinx get buried in sand… the higher powers know to cover stuff up cause they themselves are being controlled by higher powers Out of this world.

  4. resurgence?… migration maybe… but if they ended up making grass huts instead of stone or earthen pyramids then it's not a resurgence, it's a decline… and if it were a Mayan migration, don't you think they may have settle somewhere before they traveled all that distance as there was the entire Central American territory that would have looked just like the territory they originally settled… did Mayans actually make any kind of "ringed" settlements at any time? there was one Culture that did, that I know of… that was in Africa… check it out.

  5. An advanced mega culture such as it was doesn't just go "poof" as archeology would have you to believe. Drought and sickness, for the most part undeniable, forced the decline of the established civilization. Remnants went somewhere and did something. Extremely plausible… Bravo!

  6. Great video. I'm puzzled though by the suggestion of 15 million people migrating south to a population of 1 million. That's alot of fed anaconda, jaguar, crocodile. There were migrations from central America north to the Aztec empire. It was similar to migrations in Africa to Egypt. Think this may account for lost 14 million. But I'm no historian and time lines may not match. Give us a clue, thanks.

  7. I look forward to your next video because they make you think. You suggest a tale that could very well be truth but as you said "time will tell". I can ponder on your topics for hours. Thanks again

  8. The Mayans Traveled North looking for light in the darkened sky after the Eruption of the Ilopango Caldera 260 AD. Some Arqueologists are relating this eruption to the later appearance of Teotihuacan and her Empire based on Religion. I kind of disagree about the Mayans Going to Brazil. Where in Brazil are those exquicite classic temples the Maya built? The Mayans built on a massive scale. They werent mound builders they were stone professional stone masons and they left no trace of any migration when they dissapeared. But there is a conspiracy talk about some Civilization highly developed that settled in the Amazon and is yet to be discovered. I read its about 12 thousand years old… There is no hard proof so take it as a conspiracy Theory.

  9. Seriously, I've always said to myself that there has to be so many hidden archaeological treasures underneath the Amazon rain forests, because there were the Mayan's of Guatemala, the civilization of Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and recent discoveries in Paraguay, so you have all these different civilizations all around the Amazon area, and no ancient civilizations in the heart of the Amazon rain forests? Wait till they do the laser scanning(Lidar) in the amazon like they did in Guatemala and found 60,000 Mayan structures that archaeologists did know about.

  10. I come to You Tube to watch music videos mostly, but I eagerly await your postings of new Videos and this one was no different. I love to learn something new everyday, thank you sir.

  11. And I wonder who else noticed these vital words. LISTEN AND OBSERVE starting at 1:20 and 4:28. Disgusting destruction. But especially look at 1:30. WHICH SAYS THE RECENT DEFORESTATION IS WHAT ENABLED THEM TO SEE. EXAMINE WHAT THESE HEARTLESS IDIOTS HAVE DONE TO THE MAJESTIC RAIN FORESTS. And look again Now compare that to the Guatamalan Rainforest with the Mayan city peaks still surrounded by natural forest. Then watch everything from 5:57 to the end and look at what they have done…destruction…barren, totally stripped of life. IRONICALLY THIS IS THE DAY CHRIST WAS MURDERED …AND THE WORDS FIT. GOD FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY STILL KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO.

  12. there are so many pyramid structures buried in guanajuato, mexico. it seems like that was a place to trade? not sure though. a man said there is a pyramid under a mount called “cerro de culiacan” thats bigger than the sun pyramid in teohtiuacan!

  13. hi Matt, thanks for another informative video. Thought I would give you a heads up about something utterly fascinating if you havent already heard about it.? It is in Russia. The Zayukovo Caves. Megalithic cave structures that are man made . They are truly unbelievable. They say man made but when you see the size of the blocks that have built this huge underground cave system all you can do is wonder who built it and why. Excellent video on "vlad9vt" channel. Cheers from Oz

  14. Here's another video I have on my MUST WATCH list. I haven't yet. Just stopped by to share a clip by Neil DeGrasse Tyson I love and expresses excellently the phenomen of intellectual gaps.

  15. 730 likes!? Thats it?come on people with over 7k views we need to support what we wanna see on youtube. Such garbage on youtube get so much more support than videos like this get and this is what needs to be supported. Knowledge, ideas and new theories are what we need to focus on too

  16. You said do we think there will be more to come and find, well yes i could almost a sure you there are many things yet to be discovered especially in the rain forest and our oceans, i mean off the coast of Cuba if im correct they have found a sunken pyramid City only if we can excavate that and get inside that cause obviously there are entrances and we could learn more and more about our history that we all have been lied to so far, plus I found another pyramid city under the ocean in Japan in the waters off the coast. So yes there are so so many things yet to be found and looked into. When I took a vacation to Central America Guatemala my mother's husband at the time was visiting his family and his father at that time worked on and around the pyramids and the governments military had it all taped off to any outsiders and only certain people are allowed in and it was absolutely forbidden to take anything that you found in the dirt or in the pyramids themselves, you could be easily arrested and detained maybe worse ,but people think that's all there is, I mean he showed me amazing wonderful beautiful things and even brought me into certain places where no tourists are allowed to step foot but then he brought me deep into the jungle where it was completely off track from the pyramid cities and he showed me something that science has not told us about till this day and he gave me a clay figurine statue and back then in the 80s they didn't really mess with you or screw with your bags too much on the airplanes so he gave it to me as a souvenir and told me to tell no one until many many many years later now what's so special about this thing well at least for me it is that the actual Mayan people made it with their own hands they sculpted it they made it into something beautiful and they allowed the Clay to get hard or they fire kilmed it I don't know, but i still have it to this day 30 years later, I never got its age by giving a sample, and to tell you the truth I dont want to know because i know it was from the days of when those people were alive and thriving. Since he was a worker and a Authority there he was able to bring me to some sort of temple that hasnt been excavated yet by the government's military that was there with machine guns making sure no workers took anything so we did take a big risk but he was a government worker and I was allowed to walk with him freely and he brought me to like I said a Temple but it was completely covered in Jungle and the temple lead with stairs going down into the ground and there were some kind of statues on each side of the opening and when I got down there it was like a pyramid Underground, he showed me some old bones and skulls a people that were either killed or died there cuz they didn't want to leave but as old as it was it looks so well preserved because nothing got down there yet so it was untouched as far as I knew because they haven't reached it yet I saw beautiful bluish green water like a pool collected and not just any hole in the ground this was actually carved out like a pool this was man made there were other rooms where people worshipped, there were still statues there that have not been taken out yet and I got to see before they were removed , what a great time and what a good lesson in history which I have always loved . now I looked this part of the Jungle up and all the excavations that they did and not once did they mention the one that my stepfather's father brought me into. When I walked in he told me to stay close cuz I could probably got lost inside this underground pyramid thing but what I couldn't shake which was a good feeling of peace and serenity and that for the first time since the Mayan people have gone, him and I were the first to step foot in this wonderful place, but like I said I looked up all the excavations and where they went and the places they clear out and the thing that always got me is that they never mentioned this place and I don't think they will mention it and I even asked my step father's father if they had excavated it and he said yes but they did not cut any jungle down around it they left it as they found it but took all the statues and all the treasures that were inside but lucky me I was given a gift from my stepfather father to bring back to America and have a piece of History that could never again be made or replicated by the person which is long gone that made it ,and when you see this thing and grab it you could feel it was made with love and honor ,respect and it gives you a great feeling throughout your body that may sound strange but hey is the truth. so the answer to the question is yes there are many many things left for us to discover I just hope when the time comes when we do discover and find we don't destroy and ruin it or keep it a complete secret from the people of this world as so many things have been..

  17. I was surprised to see in this presentation that a link was made between the steep decline in the population in the Mayan population and the high population density in Amazon Basin and linking the two. This is very similar to the assumptions made by others that civilization could not have evolved indigenously in the Amazon jungle.

    If you look at the oldest Peruvian cultures dating back over 3,000 years, they all seem to have jaguar gods, yet they would never have seen one, considering they were on the coast and the jungles were across the Andies. This has led scholars to speculate that culture spread from the Amazon to those early Andean cultures. In fact, settlements have been found in Brazil near the coast dating back 9,000 years.

    I would propose that the safest assumption is that there has been a long-established​ civilization in the Amazon, something that was reported by early Spanish explorers and that contact with European diseases caused a rapid decline in those populations and the jungle did the rest as far as reclaiming most of the evidence of their existence.

  18. It's possible they migrated but there are other possibilities, drought, famine, disease, inter tribal warfare. If there were 1 million people at these sites, thriving over a period of years, there should be evidence of large burials (cemeteries) and large trash pits/piles. Death rates among populations now vary in a 2% to 20% range, depending on situations, every 10 years.

    Data from World Bank (interesting that the WB keeps track of this info huh?)

    A middle percent, say 10% of a population of 1 million deaths in a 10 year period, there should be 100,000 deaths. If a culture/nation/tribe, in this case the Maya, there should be in this "city" at least 100,000 (+/-) grave sites. If the city thrived for say 50 years, there should be 500,000 (+/-) grave sites. There are factors of what type of burial rites for each culture, most seem to inter their dead in some way.
    Has ANY site ever revealed large burial sites? What about trash (Midden)? A million people would generate a LARGE amount of waste. Where are the massive trash pits/piles?

    PS: If other cultures of the world (Egyptians, Phoenician, etc) traveled and traded (and conquered) across the oceans, as we are finding out they did, could they just as well engaged in the salve trade as well? The Ottoman Empire engaged in the slave trade (North Atlantic Slave trade) for more than 400 years before it was stopped. Estimates are the Ottomans "took" over 1 million people during that time from all over the world.

    Sorry to be so verbose, it seemed less so in my head.

  19. Hi Matt, great research as always. Do you think that is possible some Amazonian tribes have contact in the past with other cultures, like the Egypt or Mesopotamia? You can find some tribes using a type of wooden type piercing on their bottom lip, thar resemble a Egyptian beard. I think in distant past, Egyptian people travel to the new world, and teach them agriculture and other arts. As a sign of respect admiration and honour, they create something similar to their masters using wood, since they don’t grow facial hair. The Zo-é tribe in the Brazilian amazonian jungle it’s a good exemple.


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