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  1. Do I have the timeline right? In the pre-flood era the giants built all this. Were the Incas present at the time? Then came the flood. The world was then only populated by one family. So, where did the Incas come from?

  2. Steve, Have you ever read r nerudas interview located on the [ wingmakers ancient arrow site } there are five interviews today but when i came accross it there were only 4. it was thru a very strange series of events which would take me a span of 20 years or so to explain my connection to these interviews lets just say that they are very strange and unusual steming from two of the poems located on the poetry section of this same site which left me rather creeped out needless to say, ( i typed in a sentence ofrom one of these poems * Temptress Vision, those two poems were given to me by a strange man along with a living picture which has since been stolen. I only bring up these interviews due to the vaticans observatory and telescope named Lucifer. the fifth interview was only recently added to the other 4 ( I had a strange experience that i couldnt explain and was brought back to the interviews of Dr Neruda because I felt only they could explain it and at that time found the 5th interview- which had been put up by sara per request of Dr Neruda 3 months prior. It was as if he knew certain people would awaken at this timeframe ??? .anyway, I have one question and this is what complicates my belief in the christian faith

    If emperor Constantine enlisted certain individuals to write the bible then how is it that you can realistically.believe in it with honest faith? and the old testiemtnts contents speaks of a god who isnt very nice, or at least it seems this way to me I didn't think the god from the old bible was very nice. please help me bette understand I would like to find something to trust and believe in at this point in my life I very much feel the pervading evil as it continues to envelope our planet and take over our world leaders. Perhaps Dr Neruda is right Lucifers animus have arrived and ( my thought are that our world leaders and important persons are systematically being replaced with his beloved animus It is my guess that this is the reason why the Vatican built this observatory to look out for his ships as stated in these interviews. ) any thoughts on this would be hopefully helpful thank you for your time angie

  3. Thank you Steve, Tim and LA for a great trip not only to a beautiful country but to a better understanding of our history antideluvian and postdeluvian. Your seminars at night clarified what we saw during the day.

  4. Josh P. here. Im very grateful you all were able to have this trip and conference safely and return the same. I kept you guys in my daily prayers and Im excited to be able to watch thr subsequent videos. I've loved the first 2 of Tim and Steves, all of the ones ive seen of L.A. I truly hope I am in a position to attend should such an opportunity arise again. 3 years ago, on youtube, I thought I was hearing the voice of a christian radio host I worked for in Frederick MD when I was in recovery years b4 that. It turned out to be Mr. Quayle instead, and soon after, his shows lead me to all the others we know as guests of one another: Hagmans, Mr. Horn, Russ D, Mr. Missler, Derek Prince and so, so many more. I was taught about the Love of God in Jesus from birth, and believed for all I knew at any given age, but I also fell into the bondage of drug addiction from my early 20s and still battle recovery now in my mid 30s. If one can believe it, (I recomend Brenan Manning's Ragamuffin bk and sermons, I did not renounce my belief and faith through this, but struggled none the less with pride, rebellion and related faults. Finding Mr Quayle, and soon after the army of God's people I began to list above, has been an immeasurably valuable blessing I truly believe with my whole heart, God Himself walked me straight into in order to enrich my life and reveal an understanding of scripture that- well, again I cant place an accurate enough descriptive value on the things God has given me through this over the last 3 years. I thank God in Christ our Lord, Jesus, above all, but have to say here it was through Mr Quayle and the rest that all this came to me. Even keeping me attentive through restless struggles at night, etc. It was in my late teens I made a conscious "switch" to seek a deeper understanding of God's Truth and Jesus for my self, rather than simply because of my upbringing. I had a good foundation for redemption, but was otherwise center of the road in "worldly" stuff, and up til then generalized spiritual warfare as hoakey, along with other extremizm and even tv money grabbing. At this point though, I began to read, Neil Anderson among others were a real awakening. I started with "He Came to Set the Captives Free", if u can imagine not knowing spiritual warfare was real and reading such an acccount. To sum up, I had an awakening, conversion, Mountain Top experience for several months, with one warning from a band mates mother about the truth of possible (likely) coming attacks, I now would say a "Dark Winter of the Soul". She insisted it wasnt to drag me down. Within a year I had tried my 1st drug and fell fast into the earthly hell of addiction and abuse. God had a lot in my path to help. And Mr. Quayle, Tim, The Hagmans and others have been one of the biggest sources, or at least avenues of help after help in these recent years. Maybe many will think this is not the best place for Joshua Poore's testimony, but Ive been looking for ways to be thankful with what resources I have. This tablet of my mother's is it for now, and I pray maybe this will at least convince others to give a listen and see. Part of the experience for me, admittedly, is due to God's timing. But I should think its completely likely others may be in for a similar experience in a manner God knows is relavent to their lifes' experiences. For anyone curious, there is a wealth to hear from these men, above all of which is their mutual love for our Lord and Savior. Everything you might wish of Christian media that could and should be on mainstream tv, I suggest you will find it among their various videos and shows. Starting here with Mr. Quayle, Mr. Alberino, and The Hagman and Hagman Report. (Quick, while free speech and the constitution still stand! lol That's only half jokingly. ) Thank you all for not feinting in God's work. As I close this, I here the name of Joshua spoken on the episode, lol. I take those as Godwink- confirmations, though I know it can sound cheesey trying to put it in words for others. Peace from the east coast.

  5. steve please read this!!! in 2013
    about BLOOD frequency ( you know cain and abel, abel blood cried out from the ground)
    New research reveals that when red blood cells are hit with laser light,
    they produce high frequency sound waves that contain a great deal of
    information. Similar to the way one can hear the voices of different
    people and identify who they are, investigators could analyze the sound
    waves produced by red blood cells and recognize their shape and size.
    The information may aid in the development of simple tests for
    blood-related diseases.

  6. i owh both and watch them over and over again movies you all should get i want the next one also soon i will own it too God be with them all were they are and are going love they God with all they heart Jesus is the savor of the world please all awaken

  7. The veil is indeed lifting indeed! I cry for my beloved Afrika as many so called pastors or ministers are so focused on demon inspired miracles and CLUELESS of such liberating and Bible authenticating discoveries!

  8. Do not be deceived. Satan waits to deceive, and can manifest himself as a being of light. There will be many who will say "Lo, Christ is here" or "Lo, Christ is in the desert" do not believe them, for when Christ comes all will see him as he is. All over the world…All of us.

  9. restos arqueologicos pre-incas son peores que los bloodlines incas ,,,son mas como aztecas-mayas …ej. chavin ,casma ,mocicas,etc…todos paganos totales,,,

  10. So I'm kind of slow~r they basically saying that the incas time was up and so it as with the other groups we are digging up were destroyed by God and it's happened a few times in our past not just Noah's time

  11. I know they make dvd's to fund their trips and lifestyle/family, but a few teasers would go a long way to legitimacy .Not sure the truth even matters with the state of the world currently. Are they afraid to put out even a small tidbit of truth on public media for fear of the deep state?I understand many of you love history and detest politics because they are boring and ruthless and quite frankly evil at times but most of the world got this way because too many people from the Baby Boomer generation failed to get involved and things got out of hand leaving mine and future generations to pick up the pieces. I am James O Keefe's age and heavily involved in exposing corruption so I do not want anyone to think this is a negative criticism more constructive but take it as you will. What I am hinting at is why not expand this operation they have going to actually exposing evidence of the counter intelligence being run against the truth in the ancient past. We have God on their side, and they have no need of fear. More people are going to have to risk becoming martyrs for things to change, the elites have billions to spend on dis info, brain washing, and buying people off.


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