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  1. May Jesus bless you and keep you in His bosom. We love you brother and we need to all stand united as the Body of Christ. We are His bride and we must prepare ourselves for the marriage supper of the Lamb.

  2. To the other video I'm watching (comments disabled) cannibalism..(.& body parts into food) i was thinking of a OLD movie:Soilet green.. never forget that 😣😣

  3. I just watched the episode about preparing for what is to come. Comments were turned off. My message is that even if you believe in a pre trib rapture, prepare anyway. I am. And if I'm raptured, what I have stored will keep a small family alive for quite some time. Think of those who come behind. And leave Bibles in prominent places and letters stating that God has supplied this for you. Turn to God. He will not forsake you.

  4. Steve , the reason why God wants us to be Cold or hot is because when you are luke warm you are giving a bad example for other people on how God wants us to be. When you are luke warm you have a leg in the world and a leg on God but this will do more harm to people witnessing what a christian needs to be then if u were cold and not serving God at all .

  5. I am finding it hard to walk in the spirit. Every time I feel the love of God calling me. I feel I am being dragged back wards by evil and my past sins. But I hold fast. I am determined to never give in. But I have so many inner demon in my soul. I hope and pray with all my heart . That I can be like you Steve & Pastor David , That I can walk in the spirit and do God's bidding . I seek nothing but salvation in the Lord my God.. I know jesus died for my sins. But

  6. Love and praying for you two and your family and friends. LORD JESUS, guide, direct, protect, bless these men. Praying the Awesome BLOOD of JESUS over every believer here in our Nation.
    Thanks for the honest truth. Praise JESUS!!

  7. Get this straight before you lose your head! God the Most High God YHWH is not King of Kings his beloved Son Yeshua/Jesus is, keep talking like that and your going to be eliminated in Yeshua's Name!!!!!!! Get your Chain of command right before its too late!!!!!!! Shalom

  8. I love this honest, godly and timely conversation. I Peter 1:1-19. Live in holiness and the fear of the Lord…not aimlessly in the love of money and traditions of men. We were redeemed by the precious Blood of the Lamb of God. Would love to come hear you in Branson in September!

  9. Satan's nature is perversity. God's Holiness and Satan's perversity are both beyond our ability to comprehend. In his desire for his own realm, Satan turned his back on God and departed from Him. He rejected the love of God and all that is good. He is consumed with the desire to entice people to join him. There are no atheists in hell, just souls who do not know God and never will.

  10. How wonderful, to hear people talking about Lord Jesus. It brings such joy to my heart. Lord Jesus, Thank you for saving me and forever I will never be separated from you. Love you Lord for loving me first.

  11. Thanks wonderful men of God and may The Good Lord Of Israel keep you and bless you. Can't get enough of your teachings, clap clap clap well done brothers in Christ Jesus:)

  12. GREAT – Happy You Are Doing These Much Needed Bible Studies- Lack of The TRUE Word OF God IS Much NEEDED ▪ GREAT TEACHINGS | PRAISE God For Both Men of God! God Chose You Both | God Is Good •
    We Should All Fear As In (Respect-Fear) God—Do Not Mock Thy Lord – Be Careful of
    Who What You Listen To These Days! BOTH–BE Blessed–Your Creator
    Needs To Know You Love Him – He Will Bless You If You Try To Get To Know You • God Will Bless You-
    Blessings Will Come If
    DO You LOVE Your Father•••
    Your Creator – Who Loves
    You — Do You Love Him*
    Great Testimony–Steve!
    We Are In •SpiritialWar•
    Do Not Let America Be Godless! Americans Wake Up – Bless You All


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