This is an important breakthrough that could ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of the ultimate nature of reality and consciousness. Grant Cameron also …



  1. About 10 years ago I had a channeling experience. I heard a voice, but rather than feel fear, I felt completely calm, peaceful, and intensely curious as it spoke to me. During this experience, I was also told that we all come here to learn lessons. I was also told that each one of us comes here at a different level of spiritual development, and that we each have a "heart light" that charges like a battery and shines brighter or dimmer depending on our experiences and how we treat one another.

  2. Joe McMoneagle and Fred (Skip) Atwater were pioneers in the Army remote viewing program. They along with Bob Monroe worked with the Stanford Research Institute on remote viewing doing research. Joe still teaches remote viewing at the Monroe Institute. Skip is retired. Paul Elder is also an instructor at the Monroe Institute in Vancouver B.C. He is also a remote viewer.

  3. I believe ET's read our Soul 's experience here now and maybe before this life time.
    They can see who is more pure of heart…..that is why some people are contactees
    and some not. Plus, some of us are from other planets from a past life and are
    related to them. I don't have everything figured out just yet, but I get little by little
    info. I know a lot more than I did many years ago. 🙂 Cameron is exactly right about what he says.
    Most people are stuck in 3d….they are not in tune w/ spirit, nature, anything u cannot see.
    There is the seen and the unseen. I am an open channel, ascension is all about consciousness <3
    We are all like a radio….many different channels ( radio waves ) some are receptive to all or most
    of the channels ( the energy in the air ) and can understand it. Most people are being dumbed down
    so they find it hard to believe anything that they don't see. Thankx a lot,… Grant Cameron
    for getting it right 🙂 Namaste ~

  4. So what they all have m. e now yet they denied it at the start.. Ha that's rich,, there still clutching at straws,, they won't be meeting anyone they lack the quality, s but it's fun watching them beg for money..

  5. Grant is waaaay too trusting of government. The majority of politicians are corrupt leeches who only follow the money. That's why most lifetime politicians are millionaires. Where did all the money come from?

  6. Creatures from various worlds have been visiting this planet before man was genetically created. All creatures great and small have been incorporated, terra formed ,and deposited here for eons. No human anywhere in antiquity as far as we know has ever carved out triangular Windows and ventilation ports. Blind faith is for fools, facts will prevail. Man has just scratched the surface in understanding the fantastic, genetic upgrades make this possible. Warning the masses about something that has been going on for over a million years, is no heads up, only a step up, the ladder of knowledge, disappointment is to be expected.

  7. Damage control??? Many of us have come 4ward & learned all this on our own long b4 this vid. Also, how can we stay relevant & on vid…getting pd 4 what we say. Some of us appear on vid, reluctantly i might add, 4 very different reasons than what is presented here. I brought up the genetic connection …now others r running /w it. Btw, he leaves out far 2 much 2 really b "in the know"….like this planet has been turned in2 an energy farm….farming human energy…soul energy. So why does he leave this part out?

  8. Well he is not trying to influence people but he is creating a system that he himself do not understand. He is close to what really is going on but is not that way at all. Reality can be observe with only one eye but not the eyes. Prejudice limits the vision and imposes limits. Universal thinking covers everyone responsibilities such as respect for other people's right to exit and negotiation. Unfortunately humans are mentally retarded, it is all about me, myself and I. We want to hold on to the planet's resources without thinking that we have a whole Universe full of the same things. ETs also want to exploit labor but they are willing to give back unlimited resources. Not like the the .01% percent is currently doing it, greediness is the illness of the should, humans should.

  9. red to blue .i seen some thing like that , a friend and my mother seen it too. my mother was born in 1928 and she believed in such things as a small child and way more then you hear today. she was from scotland. i believe we are all connected to everything and all at the same time.

  10. I too have had a "download experience". And it was no channeling..

    It was highly advanced beings, via a glowing green orb, speaking to me telepathically.

    "In all your time upon this Earth.
    In all your time within this World.
    Never fear never worry, for it is wasted energy always.."

    "We are here and have been here since long ago, and we will return soon [but not soon to you] when you most need our assistance. "

    *soon they will return and assist me in commencing/finalizing the final judgment of all mankind.
    Edit:the last part above was not part of the download experience. Just part of my want and imagination. To finally and justly bring about an end to all physical suffering.

  11. I wasn’t sold. Your saying nothing new, in fact many religions claim such things, you’ve just put a different slant on it, i also think your grasping onto a concept that you know, can’t be challenged of disproved. It’s a very safe comfortable place to put yourself, especially when you’d like to declare you have the truth.


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