SHIRTS & HOODIES ▻ This is the third gun camera video footage released by To The Stars Academy titled GO FAST. PATREON ▻…



  1. dude… the fact that we now have technology that can track anything like that is a good indicator that this craft is just an advanced project that's being tested. We'll see it in the US arsenal at some point. Just like Google's search algorithm… a project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The iPhone was also a government project before Apple picked it up. The Pentagon isn't saying anything because it doesn't need to. Not ET.


  2. Interstellar meta beings/organisms (with some kind of unknown intelligence).Probably mostly active outside visible 400-700nm electromagnetic frequency.I don't believe that these are crafts or spaceships

  3. Post Disclosure World!!! Thanks so much for being a beacon light on YouTube about our govt releasing UFO footage. I am blown away about channels like secureteam10 almost asking our govt to stop trying to disclose. Now there is some guy called AlienAddict basically jumping on the “no disclosure” bandwagon. I would ask everyone to shame these channels for creating a movement like this. I’m sure post disclosure world would not endorse that action but someone needs to make people understand that the significance of this release is just that, the release, not the quality of the footage or who released it. Great job PDW!!!

  4. Ryan, I still think this is a psyop with a scam in the middle for Delonge to benefit from it all. This is likely the only reason he's even in this. Looking at the video, I think it's more than clear these are not professional pilots speaking and instead sound like potential pilots undergoing training and this video is merely demonstrating a training exercise. Looking at the Gimbal video I think the same thing applies, these are not videos with UFO. This mean one thing, Elizondo really did smuggle them out with the excuse being to train pilots and that's why he was even given the authorization. This is a psyop Ryan, the government has no reason whatsoever to release information suggesting technology exists that we can use to replace oil. This is not disclosure.

  5. Please! I mean, we saw this same form of object a year or two ago, clearer and larger, went under water and then above water, someone followed it for quite a while.
    You mentioned Chris Mellon article, " why hasn't the pentagon done anything about this?"
    Why are some girls teasers?
    This is either ours, (probably) or sanctioned acceptable by us. Either way, the tease continues. We are all better off just watching some porn…

  6. I'm interested in what TTSA are doing but until they release a video that actually shows weird behavoiur (erratic movement, right angle turns at high speed) then expect heavy skepticism from everyone.

  7. What, exactly are we not seeing? I see the camera moving around over water, but no “object” of any kind. Does anyone else see anything that I am not? In other videos of this they have arrows pointing to various sensors and display symbols with call outs describing what the symbols are. But nothing when this object that excites the pilots is supposedly visible? Why and how??

  8. Around the year 2010, I saw what looked like stars traveling across the sky at a high rate of speed from east to west. The speed caught my attention first because nothing flies as fast as they were going. Then I noticed that several of the dots were sort of dancing in and out, circling one of the objects that was on a straight course. That sent chills up my spine because it looked like they were defying the laws of physics.

  9. Great job as always PDW! Great to see the number of your subscribers going constantly! I think you speak for the majority of us. We don't really trust outrageous stories without any evidence. Your analysis is always spot on!

  10. You have to have a little skepticism man don’t go all in with these videos.i mean their big reveal video at the “big” conference they had was a damn balloon.a balloon.and like I said this video was not worth the wait.delong so far is a huge letdown.if he didn’t build it up to be something huge it would be so bad but I feel he promised something life changing and it was a dud.we know there are things in our skys…all he did was show a video..there are tons of people with ufo vids

  11. Why do you care so much about secureteam 10?this is the second time you’ve come out and talked about you know for sure it isn’t two years old?and if so how

  12. Umm seriously guys…. Y'all didn't find that video underwhelming???? If all they have are these types of videos that we've been seeing for years now, they are in trouble. Please tell me what you saw that makes this video in anyway unique or different from all the rest, I'd like to see. I don't want to say I'm starting to feel played, but geez, makes me wonder.

  13. That gun camera footage was weak man.was this the type of shit this guy was so secretive about??youd think what he wouldn’t talk about would be more explosive..again…weak man

  14. Cool video from Tom DeLong and his team 2 the stars academy but I seen on secureteam10 that the video is old and has been on the Internet since 2015 I believe he said the video is called east coast 2015

  15. Hey man can you take a listen to the secureteam 10 vid and do rebuttal. He reaches a A lot of people but his weird jealousy of delonge has him feeding people garbage about real ufo’s while convincing at least 98 percent of them that Clouds are.

  16. Why would the world government’s allow “To the Stars Academy” to disclose????? DISCLOSURE is the most important event in human history and they would allow Delong mob to disclose.. No Way… I feel corruption is at hand…Beware$$$

  17. I’m not impressed by the blurry footage and in my opinion it does not really contribute anything to their so-called UFO disclosure project. It’s from the government.??? Well yes ..ok so… they say. This video is available from the FIA two years ago. Liaison with the ET's started probably with Truman after the so called Roswell Incident .. and probably still exists even today. (X Files) And during that time there has been enormous progress within this liaison.. so ..I can’t see how it can be that Delong and his cronies all of a sudden want to tell the world..(ops sorry the American people ..bugger the rest) that the alien hypothesis is supported with their “disclosure project”. The US and other world governments all very well know whats happening and they have the true knowledge about all of this. At the highest government diplomacy there exists a liaison, that governs what is happening on the world playground and it the governments who will decide appropriate “Disclosure”. It will happen.. not sure when..Delong wants to build one of these anti –Grav ships..Don’t you think all this has been done before with the ARV?? And implemented… I smell $$$$$$ here…..Now it will be interesting what “To the Stars Academy” will do because they said they were going to release 3 footages which they did. Now What??…..More pathetic evidence???

  18. Yea man, looks like Secureteam10 went up in credibility and you went down given that he was able to find date of the footage and you didn't. You may have bias against ST10 and towards Tom, which is clouding you from doing lengthy in-depth research. As a sub, credibility is important it wins over petty beefs. Credibility is lasting. (update) PDW clarify the situation. ST10 needs to clean up this mess.

  19. Look like you got egg on your face backing up Tom DeLong on his last stupid video. Is like Tom was just searching the internet for a video so we can convince his investors that he actually had something. Stop supporting this guy in his money grabs. It's like he's putting out disinformation stop supporting disinformation we want disclosure


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