David Icke describes the nature of the problems we’re facing as a global society and how we can collectively change things for the better in this no-holds-barred television interview with Ross…



  1. David Icke when infront of the mainstream comes over as a harmless crackpot. However he is a messianic guru to those of them that are followers of his cult.
    He is an Aids denialist and has actively encouraged people with Aids to give up their meds and seek Sanusis and receive African traditional health cures such as Beetroot, Garlic, Olive Oil.
    He encourages parents to not have their kids vaccinated.
    You can find links on his website to all types of woo, including alternative cancer cures such as Gerson Therapy, which is btw, far far more expensive than mainstream treatments. Costs the customer thousands. And btw, does not work.
    He is almost a salesman for all types of psychic fraudsters, and he vouches for them as a false witness and he advertises their services.
    Infact, i encourage all citizens to look more deeper into this man, become aware he is not just a harmless crackpot, and he is infact a very dangerous lunatic that has no doubt killed many via his lunatic teachings and terrible advice

  2. He has quite a persecution /narsasistic complex going on. If any presenter seriously questions him he then compares himself to Jesus Christ's persecution. He doesn't realize it but he is generally describing his own mind when he describes other people's limited range of perception. There's lots and lots of wonderful things available to everyone to read, view or listen to or eat ,but he js only capable of focussing on how he sees it as one big negative contoling entity.

  3. To host: don't just play along, demand evidence.  Be a critical thinker.  The correct default position, for ANY claim, is "I do not accept the claim."  Always try to poke holes.  Without practicing critical thinking one has no hope of determining truth.  All I'm hearing here is a litany of claims, without any support.

  4. Those who dont get what he is trying to tell here..are greatly effected by what he IS talking about.
    Namaste… love, light, truth and peace to all <3

  5. Everyone that has a opportunity to infared this video you will see that David Icke is a Reptilian shape shifter and the host of the show is a human.  Look for yourselves before you respond.

  6. aaand you're one of those people that believes everything told to them by authority(school, employer, government, news) where are their sources oh it's already nice and packaged for you to believe.

    and I'm pretty sure noones ever asked icke for his sources, he walways says he does his own research, just like anybody else.

  7. It is a matter of word choice here. He is not saying he is Jesus. He is saying we are ALL made by God — come from one Source regardless of how we define ourselves in the physical plane of Planet Earth.

  8. The government gives Medicaid for those who supposedly cannot afford insurance. What that is designed to do is to get doctors who accept it to work for free because there is this giant list of things Medicaid will NOT pay for, and sometimes those things that should be paid for are not simply "because" they say no. Then result doctors do not get paid at all. Later, those doctors decide to NOT accept Medicaid patients at all. Result? Value of Medicaid insurance equals zero.

  9. The truth about health insurance is that the policies for the same sorts of treatment are not consistent — so doctors go without pay. Surprised? The root is the evil of insurance companies who get clients to pay through the nose, and then when the claims are filed, the doctor is paid hardly enough to cover supplies and overhead. Often, they are NOT paid, and doctors in private practices work for free — are then slaves to the insurance companies being paid by the clients.

  10. The banks, the health insurance companies and the government need MAJOR overhaul and that will come about only via the people who use or refuse their deals, refuse to give them power. Few doctors are brave enough to say: "No, I will not accept health insurance." Why? Because then it is likely no one will pay them, and they will go out of business. But if they accept the insurance, it means they most often accept reduced pay that collectively barely pays overhead and malpractice insurance..

  11. i just gave the name of that youtube video. I don't call it a debate, but a presentation. And if those are the things you notice, then you definitely missed the point of what i asked you, but i can understand the avoidance…

  12. I'm not asking you to take his word for it, neither does he. That's how he starts his presentations btw.. Not to accept and believe what he's telling, but hopefully have a more open mind and start doing research about it, aside from conventional history books and mainstream media…
    Watch his Live at the Oxford Union Debating Society (can watch it here on youtube) and tell me then if he's talking bullshit or if he wants to force-feed you his 'bullshit'.

  13. in life if you dont question the bullshit,you`ll fail life! so far icke has failed every time,im just asking for info on one subject,and you are asking me just to take his word for it? im only asking for the truth!

  14. it's based on his own conclusions of his years-long studies and observations and traveling..
    his version of the past/history with all the artifacts and what have you, seems far more real and logic than the prefabricated bullshit governments chew-up for us. and if you don't accept the bullshit, you'll fail class, have to go see a psychiatrist, and so on.. so of course we stay in the norm, who wants all this crap for a little bit of questioning the versions they put for us…
    but whatever man…

  15. the old testament gives you a nice list of bloodlines and the egyptian history as well, before the romans.. but of course you're not just gonna find that info that you look for, because they keep it from us, the 'real' info you want. all you can do is relate to what is in books, manuscripts, tablets, walls, rocks and telling tails.. That's actually also how our history was made up and documented, from the dominant male point of view. Nothing is 'real factual' except for the last 100 years


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