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  1. Hey Styx, I know you've lightly brushed on the esoteric aryan sun myths, but can you go into more detail? I'm sure a lot of us want this and the rest of us would at least find it interesting

  2. Id honestly rather see a movie or video game on hindu culture and gods then the generic shit they have today. Fucking disney or pixar made a movie about mexican culture, the most generic and forgettable not to mention they ignored their modern culture aka drug wars. Would have been interesting if it was about hindu culture, can even get the pandering to liberals cuz they characters wouldnt have white skin! Win win. Fuck, even egyptian culture would be more interesting, as overused as that already is.

  3. Hindu is a fictitious religion with no evidence of historical existence, likely a victorian era creation used to usurp the British rule held over the feeble natives.

    Hindustani is merely another h’industry.


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