Modern feminism is the secular face of an ancient tradition that adapted to the age of reason. In this video I explore these origins, and how this explains why …



  1. It's blatantly obvious that this video is being throttled to death on this god forsaken platform, having already been deemed unsuitable for most advertisers by manual review. Since we're now living in a post-James Damore world, no critique of feminism is allowed any longer, hence the reason this video will receive very limited traffic without it being extensively shared by the public. You can help by doing just that.

    If this is the way YouTube wants to behave whenever leftist sacred cows are attacked, please be sure to subscribe to me on Bitchute, so I can gradually migrate away from this totalitarian platform. You can find the link to my Bitchute account in the description, and you can also find the Bitchute version of this video here:

  2. You say religion should not interfere with objective reality, and yet I can't think of a single religion that doesn't do just that, including Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, and others. The only one that comes the closest that I can consider is Buddhism since its teachings are more about how people should behave, rather than about the world itself. So the only answers I can think of is that there's some other big religion you know of that I don't, or we have different interpretations of what "interfering with objective reality" means. I'm not trying to start an argument or anything, just curious.

  3. so abrahamic monotheism is their greatest enemy. you can't defeat God the creator of heaven and earth.
    feminism is perfected when women only have children via their own male offspring, this completely eliminates patriarchy making mother the only parent. this is why blacks often say "youz a mofo"

  4. Oi Vey, Rocking MrE, why no mention on your part of the role that Feminism played in the origin of The Holocaust? The end of the male role, in Society, his proper role led to such horrors. Why do you not bring that up? For shame! For shame, Rocking MrE. For women not accepting their role, under men, is much like in principle the Goyim not accepting their role, under the Jewish Chosen People. How come most cannot see that?

    Of course, Eva Braun, we would suspect, was the power behind Hitler. She is precisely where he got all his ideas from. An uppity woman, and as such, prone to such uppity and rebellious ideas as anti-Semitism!

  5. Great video, watched a second time and again agreed up until the very last sentence. I don't agree a person is born into a "role", that is caste thinking. No womb or sperm is sacred.

  6. Just discovered you my man. Brilliant. Now going to watch all your content. I am constantly plagued by the feeling and reality that I am in very slow game of catch up. In terms of spirituality my areas of interest are in fact gnostic through a somewhat Jungian lens I suppose. Gnosticism obviously has frequently, (and erroneously I would argue) been conflated with the left hand path, in as much as it tends to favour heretical and apocryphal texts which have characters such Sophia, Lilith and Mary Magdalene as central characters.

    I think that this is really the result, as you point out, of an over simplified theosophical imagination which during industrial and post industrial era fed into what now has become the feel good, 'follow your bliss' and worship the goddess New Age movement. Due to a somewhat feminist exegesis and adoption of the so called gnostic gospels by scholars like Elaine Pagles, Karen King and April DeConnick, many have assumed the gnostics were some kind proto-feminist spirituality. I suspect it was more case of an emergent transgression spirituality expressing concern at the worst excesses of the Roman Colonialism, seeking a balance of the divine feminine and masculine in the 'bridal chamber' rituals.

    Of course we can never know what was going on for sure in the first centuries, women, for both good and ill in my view, were clearly excluded from the priestly caste, more importantly the divine feminine was relegated in status from the Godhead. I wonder how you read the divine feminine archetype of Sophia? In any case, well done on your content!!

  7. Read Metaphysics of Sex by Julius Evola, if you want to stop cherry-picking instances and actually present some coherent general theory of sex relations. At least the chapter "The Myth of Hermaphrodite" which is directly touching the subject of this video.

    But of course, if you want to avoid having to read the terrible, collectivist, not at all right wing authors like Evola, Spengler and Jockey, (from contemporaries partially Dugin), I will respect your decision.

  8. Dear RockingMrE, I never comment on videos because I find it senseless and unproductive most of the time, but I would just like to thank you for making videos on topics I enjoy reading a lot about and expressing your thoughts clearly and concisely as I find it complimentary to what I enjoy studying and writing about. If I could suggest one thing, I would hope that you make a more comprehensive video on why you don't consider yourself more than just a cultural Christian as you have expressed in past videos. I don't see how this position can logically manifest itself in a solid foundational belief in objective morality or more importantly truth and free will since I find that both must be metaphysical to keep a meaningful definition for either. Besides that I consider the Gospels to be reliable for reasons I am sure you're aware of (and perhaps reject), and I consider Christ to fulfill certain philosophical dead ends such as purpose but thats a long story. Thank you again!

  9. We desperately need mothers, not women CEOs, engineers, lawyers… We also need men who are real men and embrace the responsibilities of patriarchy. Weak men have allowed feminism to come this far.

  10. Another one hit out of the park. I’m American Indian tribal member and “female spirituality” has taken over whole tribes where typical new ageism had no ability to gain a foothold.

    It gets sickening to hear

  11. The last three times that we fought the enemies of Western civilization those enemies were very well defined so the difficulty in getting people lining up on our side of the battlefield was easy. Today we face an equally dangerous enemy but the political right is hopelessly confused over who is to blame for what's going on:

    'It's greedy corporations', 'It's modernity', 'It was the neo-cons who destabilized the Middle East', 'It's the Jews', 'It's the globalists', 'It was the Protestant Reformation', 'It's the New World Order', 'It was the Catholic Church', 'It's pure narcissism', 'It's consumerism', 'It's the occultists', 'It's an epidemic of self-guilt', 'It's the deep state', 'It's the natural cycle of decline that all civilizations go through'.

    It's a complete clusterfuck of blame. We are in a desperate situation which urgently requires a clear understanding of who we are fighting. From a strategic perspective, any side in a battle that has conflicting views as to who they are fighting will lose.

    FYI, feminism and the feminist movement are variations of the Marxist ideology. Now you can muddy the waters about what ultimately drives the collectivist mind but it's still Marxism at the end of the day.

  12. I'm an occultist myself and i know the left hand path involves rebelling against the current structures of belief, however there are also male virtues that are appreciated in this occult philosophy; that of courage and fearlessness, a willingness to explore, search the darkest corners of the mind to find enlightenment and strenght. Male left hand path examples: Odin, Lucifer, Prometheus, Marduk, Nergal, Choronzon.

  13. This isn't related to the video Rocking but I need help.

    How do I debate leftists and "mainstream" neoconservatives for the case of ethnic nationalism? They always say I'm just a white supremacist or nazi even know I'm neither.

  14. RockingMrE

    Apologies for my last comment thread. I disagreed on you partially on the orgins of feminism. That is all. Wasn't trying to spark an argument.

  15. You mentioned religions at the beginning of this video, and I thought I should share this observation. The priesthood is exclusively male only in biblical Judaism (Temple-era) and Apostolic Christianity (Catholic/Orthodox). Contrast this to priestesses existing in all pagan religions and distorted Christian churches such as Anglicanism.

    Going along this connection, Christian teaching affirms the dignity of both men and women, and there are several subtle examples in Scripture that supports this. John Paul II even wrote at length explaining and defending the complimentary nature of men and women and the male priesthood in the Theology of the Body.

    Again contrasting, none of this is supported in feminist ideology, and I think there is a connection between this and the existence of female priesthoods in paganism. Also consider how much the Church is attacked and mocked for refusing to have women in the priesthood, as well as related issues like abortion and divorce.

    Hope I'm not way off the mark here. Anyway, keep up the great work, MrE.

  16. It's very easy to make connections to archetypes because it is more or less definitional. Whatever roots feminism had or may even have today, it's little more than dressing on the real beliefs of feminist thought leaders. Feminism is anti-West, anti-meritocratic and above all, anti-white. The white male is a representative of the superiority of white Western culture and meritocracy.
    Making feminism all about occultism has a very serious problem in that it does not explain their behavior. If you accept they are anti-white, suddenly it all makes sense. Why would a black woman who asserts that a room full of white men can be diverse get fired if this wasn't anti-white? Why is the mass grooming, rape and sometime even murder of our white girls OK when brown do it if feminism is not simply motivated by anti-white sentiment? Why else would feminist hide the crimes of non-whites with white victims if it were not anti-white? Why would these women side with black males in something like Black Lives Matter if the motivation was anti-male and not anti-white?


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