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  1. that's not a skull lol… test the dna (if there is dna… if alien probably not) and if it were alien I'd be flabbergasted how they too have bones and skulls with what appear to be nasal cavities and some sort of socket not for eyes… where's it cranium? what's inside? does it have a brainstem? what about the skull plates… I bet that's part of an oxen hip bone or something

  2. they are not skulls. they ARE in fact bone, but not alien skulls. they are eroded aninimal bones. likely a cow or something larger. but they certainly do seem like skulls to our eyes because its the first thing they resemble. but theyre not.

  3. There is no foramen magnum, the skull is completely closed at the base so it lacked a body or they forgot a huge detail, unless the "horns" are the start of the neck(s)…


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