This video is taken from William Cooper’s lecture and he talks about alien abduction and analyses a photograph of alien. This alien has patchy skin, hair…



  1. so-called aliens do not exist. It's an american secret service invention to delude people when they experiment their new prototypes and new tehnology. It is financed by the "shadow" government with tax money (among other).

  2. I'm not saying the photo is fake, but to use the detail as evidence in favour of a living creature, is to drastically underestimate the ability of many artists in the world. Some people can draw/paint faces so you wouldn't know the difference. They rely on the details to create that effect and they're very good at adding things most people didn't know was there to begin with.

  3. Bill did reject the idea of Aliens, he had seen military documents which referred to them, but at some point put it down to false info that they hoped would be leaked to the public and keep the illusion of extraterrestrial visitations- but what is happening here I have no idea, but anything is possible – except aliens. I just love Sc-fi but in reality I have not seen anything that would come close to even make me look twice. If we look to the animal kingdom, most species visually look alike within their own kind, compared to humans who vary so much, one of the factors that has an effect on the structure of our faces is our character which reflects from different inputs throughout our lives, I think that these same like alien images are far from what I would ever expect, I would expect some clothing or articles of decoration, I would also expect a thicker stronger neck to support the larger brain,or is it full of hot air. I can think of a couple of reasons why this fantasy is kept alive.

  4. i'm not a believer and mainly think that all this stuff is the biggest bs around here but… bill cooper and phil schneider almost always seem legit to me

  5. i dont even trust myself,and im supposed to trust this guy?i bet behind all the horseshit story's is a book or some money exchange goin on.i know i know even top secret whistle blowers gotta eat!horsecrap!!

  6. What a fucking imbecile. I watched this William "Bill" Cooper on another video where he states aliens are not real & then in this video he his trying the state the obvious about alien life. Which is it Bill?

  7. It is important to know all of Coopers material as he later stated he believed he was deliberatly shown false top secret documents containing information about U.F.O's as so he would later go out and talk about them. Watch this, well youtube this seeing as it won't let me post a link. "Hoax Alien Invasion Planned – William Cooper"


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