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  1. Where's the footage of the giant tic tac? Other commentators have said that the show was using entirely mismatched footage from another incident. He got within half a nautical mile? I'd be interested in its surface structure.

  2. You’re a total nitwit. Wtf is this channel. You knew what it was? Sure you did. News flash. These rockets have been flying from that location far longer than you’ve been alive.

    PS. You sound like stand sister in South Park

  3. Even the most seasoned pilot can say he/she has seen a UFO. Unidentified means just that. Just because you don't recognize it does not mean it's from another world.
    Any country whom has the disposable resources can make something that is unidentifiable.

  4. The waves coming off the thing at 44 seconds behind the main craft are ultrasound waves. They tried to say it was spaceX but spaceX has all their stuff come back, not float off into space. GJ repeating the paid shills.. Look at the STS missions and look for the same exact formations leaving earth several times in the clip while we were not launching crafts that many times then. There were SEVERAL making the same exact effect. If this one was spaceX then they mimicked the effect so people can blow it off more easily.

  5. That is above Alien and Gov tech. That is a drone for locations for the massive holy destruction of the JDB to be targeted. I suspect to be dropped on Easter. Either way Happy Easter to all believers and nice try Jews.


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