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  1. Angels did not mate with humans. Angels are not after human kind. The angels do not pro-create among themselves. The only Spiritual being Who was able to spiritually impregnate a human being was God with Mary. It is heresy to say that fallen angels could do the same thing. They have no seed that can be passed on! This lie comes from the book of Enoch in which it states this false teaching.

  2. wow this is true what Steve said about Syria telling the UN that they are fighting USA super soldiers. 'Syria’s ambassador to the UN, implying that the Western backed jihadists terrorizing his nation may have been created in the abominable labs of DARPA."

  3. thank you so much for part 1 and part 2. none of this is new to me. God woke me up about 18 months ago. the shock value is over. HE has been developing my prayer life and my petitions for the body of Christ, around the world. God bless you all. To God be all the glory, now and forever. Our strength is in our SAVIOR. HIS armor is our protection. Maranatha.

  4. Steve Quale, you described how in the world God did what Jesus did on the cross was realized to me not long ago, and when you try and comprehend it you find yourself so at awe I just fell to the floor and said thank Jesus, I kept saying it, But it was the most overwhelming issue I have ever dealt with. If my burden of sin was so heavy upon me, I started to think of all man's sin on Him was almost unbearable for me to take. Not only that He hung in physical pain and than His father turned His back on Him, I just cried and cried. It finally dawned on me all what He did.

  5. Pray hard for the evil people to regain their souls and come to salvation. Pray for their victims both human and animals. Pray for global repentance and a better and freer tomorrow.

  6. They may wana make war n hunt us but remember satan come playing god…he cant be killing folks lol
    They may hunt us to convert us …but slaughter us no… and God said he would shortned that time.. satan lunar he gets boyt five months and it should be between may-sept.
    Bear in mind that it is ripe in season n God said he wasnt going to allow them to change his dna again..
    Too many msm alien disclosures n star gates closed.. AI online.. idk …
    May be sooner than folks think…. time will tell us all
    Peace to all whom walk with Jesus Christ

  7. Amen .every thing you been puting out there for all to see ,hear .is in there face now .and without the (LORD JESUS CHRIST) Amen amen amen we will not make it Amen thanks for all the good you all have done Amen to you all


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