Milton William “Bill” Cooper May 6, 1943 – November 5, 2001 He claimed to have served in the United States Navy, the United States Air Force, and Naval Intelligence until his discharge in…



  1. There is a piece of information that he did not awaken to that I now know.. The human manipulators of this totalitarian agenda are all the most MIND CONTROLLED & the most human farmed fools as they will find out if ever the agenda from their mind manipulators succeed. WORRY NOT its a double trap for them not us 🙂

  2. Blessing to Mr.Cooper and the price he paid with his life, to free Humanity.
    He won- and is waiting for his loved ones (and us), in a higher dimension.
    Wake-up with gratitude Folks, call in the LIGHT! Their CONTROL is OVER… PAST!

  3. He is right about people selling out their country for their own personal gain and throwing future generations under the bus. People are wage slaves and conditioned to be materialistic, so they can help keep the balls & chains attached to the masses.

  4. The Corsini family are a top family of the Black Nobility that originated in Florence. They have connections with the Vatican and palaces in Rome as well as family branches all over the world. They are the top owners of the Corsican Mafia along with the Medici and Bonaparte families. They also have a portion of ownership over the Baltimore crime family in Maryland originally built up by the Corbi family. They use the heart shaped coat of arms. Cor comes from the Latin word Kord which means heart. The Corsini family are at the heart of the corruption. Pope Clement XII or Lorenzo Corsini came from this family. The Corsini family were also Florentine merchants that did business in London and used this wealth to purchase land and their fiefdoms. The Corsini family put the Cor in Corleone Sicily where a lot of the mafia had originated from. Leone means lion and this is why the commune of Corleone in Palermo uses a lion on its flag. The Massimo family use lions on their coat of arms and the Massimo-Brancaccio family have Sicilian ancestry from the Brancaccio neighborhood in Palermo. Both the Corsini and Massimo families use Leon as a given name. Don Bartolomeo Corsini was Viceroy of Sicily from 1737 to 1747. Al Capone was a relative of the Florentine House of Capponi. The Corsini family also established the name of the island Corsica. Corsica is not far from the coast near Florence. The Florentine nobility have a lot of concealed connections with Corsica. Jean Claude Mimran is a French billionaire investment banker and his mother was from Corsica. Mimran owns the Alpina luxury hotel in Gstaad where the Scherz family live. The Scherz family take their name from Scherz, Switzerland which uses a heart for its flag. Cuore is the Italian word for heart. The Bonaparte family secretly originated in Florence and still work closely with the Medici family which also originated in Florence. The Bonaparte's are part of the "Bon" clan of Florence like the Bonciani, Bonsi, Buondelmonti, and Buonarroti families. In the 18th century Cardinal Francesco Acquaviva of Sicilian nobility and Cardinal Bartolomeo Corsini made an alliance against the policies of the French Cardinal Pierre Guerin de Tencin who was an ambassador to Rome. Jean-Felix Acquaviva is a high level politician in Corsica today.

    The Corsini family are above the Medici family which are then above the Bonaparte family. The House of Corsini are very high level. There are covert mafias known as the Union Corse in Corsica and France like the Brise de Mer clan. The Corsican Mafia ran the heroin trafficking from Turkey to France and then to the US known as the "French Connection" with the Lucchese crime family also deeply involved. The Treaty of Sevres was signed in France after WWI and helped to develop the Republic of Turkey and putting Turkish territories under French supervision. The French born Lucien Conein was an OSS/CIA agent who worked with Corsican Mafia. Later Conein was appointed by Nixon as the head of the DEA's secret operations. Conein died in Maryland. Charles Bonaparte of the French-Corsican Imperial House of Bonaparte was born in Maryland and was the founder of the FBI. Cipriano Ferrandini was a Corsican that immigrated to Maryland and was accused of organizing a plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. A portion of the opium trafficked from the Mid East into the United States seems to be coming in through the ports in Maryland. The Lucchesi-Palli family are Roman nobility with ties to Florence and are the owners of the Lucchese crime family in New York and have an alliance with the Corsini family and their Union Corse. Tindaro Corso is a Lucchese capo.The Medici family produced two queens of France. Sampiero Corso was born in Corsica and he served the Medici family as their soldier. The Corsini, Medici, and Bonaparte families are the hidden owners of the Union Corse mafia clans. The Corsini family are extremely secretive and clever and were one of the families behind the Napoleonic wars. The Corsini family used Napoleon Bonaparte to invade Rome to maintain a piece of ownership at the Vatican. Their mafias are also extremely covert and even more so than the Sicilian Mafia. The head of the Corsini family today is Prince Duccio Corsini along with his father Prince Filippo Corsini. It has been reported by the media that Prince Duccio Corsini's 21 year old son died in a bicycle accident. The Corsini family are very conniving.

  5. It was the very Sheriff's Department in Apache County Arizona.. that murdered MR Cooper.. besides that it is possible the feds could have been working with the county sheriff Department. .

  6. I felt and seen the power of god no matter wat anyone says no one can erase wat JESUS CHRIST did for me and for us and his worried about saving souls not the wars of this world..remember people were in the devils domain on earth. But JESUS is full of grace.. and he will save your soul. And he will protect u.. trust me i know…GOD BLESS..

  7. The Constitution will now become a tool and a weapon used by the Overseers to distract, dilute and finally remove the GOD GIVEN (not the government given) rights that we are endowed with by our Creator. Arguements about its meaning, intention of the founding fathers and the overreaching power of government will draw good intentioned people into a dispute which is meant to lead us astray and take our freedoms in the name of safety and security. We are watching this unfold now, with this narrative being ramped up like never before. And , many will be deceived and led astray.

  8. Crazy thing is that he did in fact was killed literally at his doorstep as he said in that interview… very bright intelligent man left a legacy behind.

  9. Such a shame that he died near his front door. This man was ahead of his time and he was right about most of what he said. He was apart of me waking up so I have nothing but respect for Mr. Cooper. GOD bless him and his family.

  10. It's sure not looking good people!!! 😬

    Luke 21:36 is getting more of my attention every year goes by!!!

    "Watch and pray always, that you may be able to escape (the horrors coming upon the whole earth!) …and to stand before the Son of man."
    ( be accepted on JD)

  11. W cooper is one if not the most amazing exposers of the truth I have ever studied he seems to have had a great amount of knowledge about the future which is our present and future

  12. They bring huge crates filled with guns and just leave them in black neighborhoods for people to take…an old timer from Detroit said that his buddy knocked on his door and told him you not gonna believe this, but there is a crate of guns right outside…this is how communities are destroyed for the democrats to get support, etc.

  13. Read the book Dr. Mary's Monkey.. Secret monkey research center in New Orleans that was moved to the north shore because monkeys carry 3 viruses that could kill us all. Great book. Characters in the book also were connected to the Kennedy assassination.

  14. No . There is another alternative. People could STOP VOTING and stop watching cable TV and mainstream news – and allowing themselves to be programmed. By voting they just give their approval of and agreement to the system's ways. It doesn't make a difference who they vote for because the real world rulers, the Illuminati, fund both the Democrats and the Republicans and they are the ones that buy the politicians to make sure they will vote to continue the wars and the oppression against us. Just read their play book. Learn the "protocols of Zion". The book was written over 100 years ago but it reads like it was written last year. Here is an audio version.

    Here is confirmation they do in fact use this method.


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