Tyler is a defense journalist and editor of Time Inc.’s The Drive’s The War Zone page. Tyler broke the story of the recent UFO sighting over Arizona and New Mexico by pilots that is making…



  1. HUMANITYSTAR DOT COM (can't post links) Humanity Star ALSO re-entered March 22/23. Everyone thinks it was a UFO and reported it as such, during it's brief time in orbit.
    Most called it a disco ball, and that's exactly what the company called it!! It was the brightest thing in the sky, both day and night. It was made of 70 something reflective panels, meant to reflect the sun. It flashed in the night sky, changed colors like a disco ball, thus the "disco ball" ufo's. It caused our night sky to "FLASH" or pulsate at almost a steady rate for about 90 mins. THESE FLASHES were reported and seen on the GOES satellite. No one knew wth it was, but alas…NOT ALIEN. Just the out of control and tumbling HUMANITY STAR.

    Humanitystar dot com or GOOGLE IT. IT'S ALL OVER the web!


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