Red flag law ALLOWS POLICE in some states to seize GUNS if person RULED DANGER to self or others. THANKS AGAIN FOR WATCHING THE JUST BEING WALT G. SHOW.



  1. Red Flag laws don't combat shootings, they combat LEGAL gun owners owning LEGAL guns ! !

    Now all they have to do is determine that you're a threat by the criteria that they set. So basically a Judge that serves the better interests of the Government tells the Government that they antake your Guns and "Voila" ! ! Gun Confiscation is now legalized. AND in Washington State it Only You, a Family member AND Police can petition to get your Guns back and it takes a year and it takes ALL 3 PETITIONING to do it. You can't just petition on your own. You give the Government 1 inch and it will take 1000 feet. I promise you this will not slow down.In 1964 the first SWAT team was formed in Los Angeles. It was used 7 times the first year. Now Nationally over 45,000 SWAT raids take place, 20,000 no knock warrants are served and over 4,000 people are killed or seriously injured annually by Police. Where do you think Red Flag laws will be 5 years from now? It won't just be a few people in Seattle, I promise you that.


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