Return of the Giants, are we facing an upcoming war greater than World War 3? Some believe that the Giants or Nephilim (Aliens) are coming back back with a vengeance. Our guest Stephen Quayle…



  1. hello Steven.

    see steve quayle at 29.07 and the artificial life which he called ichar. Compare with the Russian word, which i believe you wife may know искра which is Russian for Spark. i wonder about the etymology of these concepts, or perhaps simply a coincidence.

  2. If anyone straggls to believe, this that the fallen angels had sex with women, in the days of Noah, just tell them so to search in the internet for women and men having sex with gosts !! Is all happening in the open not just hidden somewhere. They even want baby’s with these evil spirits!!! Unthinkable Some get raped some love it so much, that they no longer want sex with normal flesh

  3. I thought the atmosphere preflood was oxygen heavy. Believe Mr. Carl Baugh of the Creation Museum in Glen Rose, Texas did experiments to show that more oxygen caused larger animals, plants, and giants.

    The chemtrails are loaded with heavy metals that are falling on our ground and reflecting the sun and thus heating our planet, therefore causing "global warming."

  4. Q: Opening gates of hades. When you ask siri what is July 27, 2014, it says it's Sunday (Opening Gates of Hades).Dec 18, 2013.  SO how true is this?? Can it be debunked?? SIRI is the voice on your cell phone that you can talk to, to get info on anything.

  5. Book of Enoch is not an inspired book or at least The Lord God of Heaven and Earth did not deem it worthy of inclusion into his Holy Bible or it would be there today. It is not in his book therefore it does not belong there, its pretty much as simple as that. Also it is unnecessary to the understanding of the Giants or the nephal if you prefer. Does it contain true history? Maybe…maybe not. It is an interesting book but it is not to be considered biblical cannon.

  6. Past week I picked up the Book of Enoch and started reading carefully. When I went to bed the first night I dreamed of a giant. Must a been a giant leap of my imagination I was to him like grasshopper and when someone with a tape measure to measure how tall he was he was only 6 foot tall, but I think the tape was only 6 foot long. My opinion is that giants never stop growing so it appear to be if they can reach all lengths of heights. The dream was real and I was in his sight as grasshopper.

  7. Very interesting. Never heard of Talos before and I love mythology. I've always said there was truth to it. Can't wait to see some of these a**holes. I especially am looking forward to seeing Nimrod. I've always said it would have been easier and nicer to be here in the beginning when Jesus came rather than on his return but hey this is what I got. I want to see it all.

  8. YHVH is The Holy One of Israel. He is The God of Israel. The Creator.

    He is also the God and Father of Yahshua, the Messiah. And He is my Father and God likewise, undeservedly so. Grace alone.

  9. Great interview every time l watch this l hear something new Steve Quayle could learn something by being more like you and not have ads he would have more people think he is genuine not just a money maker

  10. i love the cough at 30:32 — lol – because we all know lots of what Smithsonian says is Bs (or Horse Manure as Steve Q says) — of course people were here! Good grief: long before Columbus, pilgrim hats, ect.

  11. The head must be separated, thus the guillotines that Mr. Quayle uncovered. There will be a Great Roundup, and it will be a terrible horrific battle to preserve humans on Earth. Thank you Mr.Ben DeNoon for lending your platform to Mr.Quayle. Bless you and yours.

  12. Reminds me of hanakuk 2.19 woe unto him that saith to wood awake to the dumb stone arise it shall teach,behold it is laid with gold and silver and rhere is no breath in it (when i read this i think of these robots they are making that say they will teach and live but there is no breath of the living god )

  13. 1:18:32 "A plutonium needle"?!?!? I have never heard of a plutonium needle, but it sounds like a very small amount of plutonium that is somehow injected into the body.
    Plutonium as an element is highly toxic. But even then, it is not an immediate death unless you have a very very large amount. It is more like the cancerous damage effect. Further, it would be very very easy to detect in way below lethal levels.
    Plutonium’s destruction only arises from a critical mass which is kilograms not needle size.
    I cry foul on that. It just doesn’t make sense.
    EDIT: for point of reference check out Harold McCluskey and his incident where he got a serious dose of americium which is basically mutated plutonium.
    Don't get caught up in emotions over issues like nuclear/radio elements.

    OK, 1:22:26 really…..this web site is a commercial venture, not a place of revelation. Please Steven…this is not right. I know you know better.
    EDIT: those pics are very easy to manufacture.

  14. Jesus said he who lives by the sword will die by the sword. We need the faith (that peter lacked when on the water) and trust that God will fight this war for us as long as we call upon Him in the name of Jesus. We are in the last days.


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