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  1. enjoyed seeing the footage from Texas on this one. I am also in north Texas and shoot lots of videos. Check this one out caught in a time lapse video shot today April 6, 2018. Here is the link

  2. WoW! That is so crazy, i didn't know what you were talking about at first but then i finally saw the spec and that is absolutely amazing footage. I have never seen anything like that before! Great find my friend, this channel is easily becoming one of my favorites. Did you see our footage that secureteam10 used? I had sent you a link in one of your other videos was hoping you got to see it. Let me know what you think my friend. Stay safe bud.

  3. Looks about right for Denton. Gotta remember, DFW has a lot of small bases all around, like Carswell JRB (Which contrary to popular belief is STILL ACTIVE.) I know because I've called the Quarterdeck before and asked them to stop letting their pilots clip the treetops next to my apartment. And yes, there's a LOT of things that come out of there. Even I've seen a lot, especially during the summer months.

  4. The last footage is near smoking gun. Truly amazing. The only other explanation next to UFO is that someone spent a lot of time creating a kite/very quiet drone with elaborate light set up. One of the best UFO videos of all time. I hope Mufon does a full investigation. This video should be shown on the national news.

  5. Someone should tell the iPhone guy he can just do a long press or use Apple’s “force touch” and make it play. He doesn’t have to switch back and forth like that…

  6. guys у вас отличный канал, с отличными видосами ..не опускайтесь до fkng идиотов, считающих любое насекомое за нло 4:55

  7. That's really clear video of the flying square , lol as she calls it. I live by 2 big airports O'Hare & Midway here in Chicago and been seeing planes up close at night my whole life and have never seen FAA lights in that color and configuration. Definitely something odd flying there. I would of got spooked when it was getting closer like it did. Lol

  8. About the Texas tree line. There are two different things being shown to you. God wants to know if you see the spirit shapes in the trees. In all these UFO videos there are shapes of things.
    Look in the trees to the left.

  9. Ok I was really impressed with this, I have seen similar for years but actually video does not do it justice because the objects can move at extremely high speeds then stop on a dime split into 3 different objects looking like they are exploding and imploding at the same time changing into weird shapes organic and geometric. Unless you have seen it with your own eyes you really cannot understand.

  10. I can just imagine that lady in the Texas video shaking the fuck out of her camera, "Here lemme show you my surroundings," FRANTICALLY SHAKES CAMERA

  11. That Texas craft looks like it’s changing shapes to me. At one point it look like one of those flying triangles in a V-shaped formation and then it started flashing real fast and seem to change shapes of it finished up looking more square. Is it shape shifting?

  12. The last video in particular was fantastic! She was genuinely afraid, but did a tremendous job keeping the object in frame! Kudos to that young woman! A great capture!

  13. I know all about the black fast movers he's showing from Picture to Picture around the 4 minute mark. I have 2 videos showing thousands. They seem to rest on the tops of darker clouds bathing on the direct sunlight. They're on my page if you want to use any of my stuff feel free. Got over 100 UFOs this past year. I'm former Air Force, NASA and Delta so I know aircraft

  14. this video i believe are sightings of possible spy drones in all video clips. seems these craft like hanging out in populated areas, probably scanning and monitoring the population centers.

  15. Nice batch SS. 1st: anyone parov ruskie? What's weird is that it doesn't look like a UFO either. 2nd Bugs-see stems in foreground? 3rd: Headsup camera work with giving scale! Wish more would be more thoughtful of their end product by doing so. As for the footage, “they“ do seem silent, but hard to determine how far away they are give weight to “no sound“. They did have FAA lights though. Looked like they might've been side by side at one point, so close that it would be a serious no-no if not one singular craft. Last bit with fly over was interesting via what seems like no sound. Again, nice batch SS. 😃

  16. That was some pretty extensive footage of commercial aircraft that woman took. You can't always hear the planes if the wind direction is from behind you, etc. All of the marker lights and blinkers are in the right spots for commercial planes so yeah, nothing to see there. Just go to that same spot on another night and you will see the same exact "UFO's" flying by. I promise!

  17. Adrian, This is a serious question. I listened to your show the other day where you guys discussed Smart Meters. Mine is literately right outside my bedroom window. So, naturally, I decided to go cover the damned thing up multiple layers of aluminum foil. .I don't know if it is going to do anything. But it makes me feel better anyway. (BTW, do you know how thick the aluminum should be to be effective)

    The question(s) is this; Assuming the foil protects me in some small way. Won't it also impede the signal the power company uses to bill me? Will I be getting a visit from someone to see why they aren't getting the signal. Can I ask them what day of the month they "read" the meter and take the foil off on that day?

    I guess that was more than one question. Sorry. But I really would like more information on the subject if you know or could find out.


  18. Could be a drone. I seen one very similar aty beach and was gutted when I seen a man using his controls to fly it though it looked like something like this but it was a very clever looking drone with lights.


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