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  1. I beg to differ!!  "chitauri" is NOT even a Zulu word! I am a South African. The word for snake in isiZulu is "inyoka." The "ch" & "tau" sounds do not work in our language. Chitauri, by the way is a Hindu word. Mr Icke, your research is lacking. Or do your Eurocentric views not accommodate Africa?

  2. Their world is coming to a screeching halt, thanks to President Trump! He & a team of few started working on this evil even before he was the nominee! On Dec.21st he signed a state of emergency EO, which made it legal to freeze the assets of the likes of soros, killary & slick willy, Bushes, ovomit, and thousands of others world wide! Plus over 14 thousand sealed indictments, over 5K arrested already, GITO opened & ready, plus a few other prisons getting ready to receive people! Military tribunals will try these despicable evil foul!!
    God chose Trump for this job, and is using him to rid the world of as many worthless pedophiles as he can! Now these psychopaths Are scared to death, because their names Will be publicly known & we Will see these horrid people in handcuffs!! And imagine if you will, had killary won, we would never have known! So many crimes would have been swept away!! Voting machines were rigged, illegals voted, but God saw to it that she lost!!

  3. I take this stuff with a grain of salt bc no "real truth" can be spread without the confirmation of the TRUE TRUTH which is the WORD of God. I believe the satanist and pedophile parts of it but honestly these people are just pure evil and work for satan. And if they work for satan, who do you work for? If you're not talking about how the answer to all this evil which is Christ Jesus who destroyed the devil at calvary, these problems won't go away bc the bible already told us these things would occur. Call on and Christ and be saved from these wicked snakes!

  4. I'm not religious but it's obvious dark forces run the planet. There certainly not moral human beings. The governments are just organized crime syndicates that have all been gamed out and rigged for these globalist. Corporations make laws the political systems are bogus just a game for criminal politicians the left and right news paradigms are both obviously fake. My conclusion is David Icke speaks many truths. People who laughed at him 20 years ago are the ones who should be laughed at for being candidates for the governments brainwashing….you can be an intelligent individual with good memory etc. But can you see? There's people that can see and people that can't. David Icke can see.

  5. Great video and a great talk. I have no doubt whatsoever that what he says is true. It is all over the news of every day. It´s almost the only stuff mainstream media shoves up our brains almost every day, that pedophiles are all over the place and in high places in the chain of command. Never be silent as more and more are awakening and still more have to awake. Eyes open.

  6. The God of heaven and earth is Elder Park Tae Sun.
    Do you know God's name?
    In the West, in the fear of the name of God, in the east, of the glory of God.
    Here is the name of God. It means that God came out of man.
    Is there anyone in the world who announced that I am God?
    In 1980, Elder Park Tae Sun declared, "I am God!"
    I will reveal to the world that Korea is the East, the place to fear the glory of God.
    In Israel, the East is the Republic of Korea.
    In Japan, keep the islands quiet in the Bible! It means not you.
    There will also be a nation that will never perish.
    A country that is not destroyed here forever is a country where the sun will lose its light and will emerge afterward!
    It is the country of Park Tae Sun.
    Do you know that the candlestick of Israel came to the East as the East?
    You will see that in the Republic of Korea there is a new, never-destroying country.
    God's Word of Man's Creation, the Word of the Alien, the Word of the End Times, and the Word of the eternal world are recorded on the following website.

  7. These people are demon possessed.The disembodied spirits of the giants inhabit the mindless massess.Read the Book of Enoch.See Trey Smith`s video on the Nephilim.Read the Book of ACts,king jamesversion.The real word of God(the king james bible)has been replaced with fake new world order bibles in most churches.The real word of God,has SUPERNATURAL POWER to bring down the kingdom of darkness.Only for real beleivers in Jesus.Speak it out loud.Demons have to bow in the name of Jesus.See the video routing demons by John EChardt.See the video deliverance from autism by Brother Carlos.See videos by Winn Worley,Derek prince,and John EChardt.

  8. Thank you. I am a survivor of ritual abuse. I have spoken with members of the I.T.N.J. the International Tribunal For Natural Justice. Some are aware and trying to expose the truth to the ,masses.

  9. agenda 21 your version of event`s are spot on. I`ve had the disadvantage  years ago with my peers seeing this conspiracy only as a teenager being labeled paranoid. the sad truth is far to many people are aware of truth but due to fear block out reality. face fact`s reality can be painful. where you find your strength for the quest for truth is honorable. my fearful concern is when the masses that are slated as sacrificial sheep will take their stand and battle for survival. undisputable the whole barrel of these less than 1% er`s who have the masses slated for death are all psychopath`s. all lost causes they are like vintage wine. the only get better. my last statement. good can proliferate without evil, survive and prosper. evil cannot survive with-out it`s prey. if they succeed in their marshal plan they will definitely implode, become extinct. hopefully the reciprocal becomes are knew reality.

  10. From what I've been able to dig up, not all greys are the same. Some grey races are not bad. However, as he mentioned, the reptilians (Dracos) do appear to be a problem. As for the Annunaki — they're essentially humans (big humans) but not much different than us. Lots of different alien races out there. Just like how some humans are awful and tend toward evil and other humans are more 'good', so too with what we're dealing with. Apparently there are classic alien greys that have been at war with the reptilians/Draconians for ages now.

  11. "Frequencies" ? ,  "human energy" ?  – what kind of frequencies ?   sound?  electro magnetic?   "something else" ?   What is this "human energy" ?
    "Hologram" ? ….what hologram ?   Who created it ?   David Icke doesn't elaborate.   Not because he isn't a scientist.  He just doesn't know, it's made up, half baked.  It sounds half plausible so probably people will buy it.
    So all disease is caused by emotion ?   So how do happy people get cancer then ?   …half baked ideas.

  12. David I am a true born again in JESUS for the SON of GOD the WORD of GOD the truth the way the life died on the cross for your sins and everyone that who so ever believes in me who is JESUS shall not perish but have everlasting life

  13. The past tree years there have been a REVOLUTION in America. – The militair realised that
    it was not going ani more with a gowenment who was paid.
    their tjois were Donald Trump who was a complete – OUTSEIDER – (not paid)

    EXECENTIVE ORDER. – Blocking the property of persons involved in serious HUMAN RIGHTS
    ABUSE CORRUPTION – 21 december 2017.

    When Trump has been præsident 1 year. – the plan is going on an all the old lows are brought in place to the constitussen ! – A lot of work is going on !. – I am in good hope for the future !.

  14. Matt A. Lawson who lives in Mooresville, IN. Corrections officer Wright. Corrections officer Kathy Nunez. Corrections officer Simmons who lives in Providence Place in Carmel, IN. Corrections officer Stevens (who has children) who lives in Providence Place Carmel, IN. Shane Foutz who lives in Frankton, IN. Amanda Randall and Sheena Randall in Noblesville. Natalie Coffin in Indianapolis, IN. Brandon Joyce from Fishers, IN who now lives in 253 Providence Blvd. in Providence Place Carmel, IN. They are Satanists. Sadistic, Psycho, and sadomasochism is their specialty. They are the grossest people who ever lived.

  15. Now Taco Bell is doing illumy commercials im just waiting on Pizza Hut to have a kid poppin out a pizza box..these mfrs have no limits. I like goin back to these old vids to see how things have played out.


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