There is a whole body of scientific literature that PROVES humans have reptilian biological influences in our bodies and brains. Does this confirm David’s theory…? Join the Red Pill Forums:…



  1. Icke doesn't indoctrinate anyone. And throughout human history there are cultural and historical to reptilian 'gods'. Dragons, snakes predominate across our globe. Might just be a clue. Peace.

  2. I was wondering if Mr. Icke responded to your youtube comment regarding Reptilians?
    I also have had a hard time believing that concept. But we both know that we can control animals to our advantages. So can't they (Reptilians) do the same thing to us for their advantages?

  3. Very interesting video! I was skeptical about what new information he would provide, but I was surprisingly satisfied. This evidence is unique to others as it brings up human anatomy and the fact that the true enemy might not lie outside humanity, but rather within us, particularly in our brains. It's pretty difficult to deny biological facts. It's also quite possible that there are more evolved, reptilian beings in our society that have given in to the primitive, reptile parts of their brains.

  4. Snakes are part of medical history because the goal is immortality, sakes sheading skin was choosen to example this. Also just because some idiot gives part of ur brain the name reptilian does not make it actually reptilian you dope.

  5. We dont have the mental capacity to completely understand anything. we are at an embrio stage of existence. Reptilians exist, they possess the ability to manipulate brain activity, so they can make you believe they appearance is something else. Like human, some are good some are evil.

  6. Being right is the equivalent of the, I told you so. Fuck being right, we know these people are evil, where are the solutions. Honestly they say outsourcing may have started in the early nineteen twenties by nineteen fifties the well ran dry but realistically i wanna say since Darism, the Rothschild's, and those types learned how to read…

  7. all this led me back to ancient Egypt and Sumer which I studied along with all religions, skimmed through Islam as it is direct and fucking brutal, because when you see the correlations, and we HAVE all the info now to compare other stories, and they are all connecting. just like atheists with modern western science, tbey are merely different languages pointing to the same things. science of today just hasn't caught up with the ancients yet. too many structural anomalies tbey just leave alone for one reason or another..I'd say the suppression of our past to make us forge who we are. the biggest problem I see in America is the loss of faith and spirituality. last time there were this many Atheists was during the dark ages. once you can make the masses believe that this is all there is and ever was, and these bodies are all we are… then spirituality and knowledge or mysticism and even curiosity fades. once this happens, historically it is very easy to control and divide. we need faith again. belief in possibilities. open minds. and receptivity.

  8. That reptilian theory it’s called in reality Satan conspiring with jews against humanity Now Satan and his tribe they live in a different dimension and they are Shapeshifter Satan helping the Jew to rule the world in exchange Jews propagate Satan making him into God to humanity that’s it

  9. It's a very materialistic point of view, but it's still informative for those who don't know.

    David meant something entirely different, and if you're into astral stuff, you will discover the truth immediately.

  10. The Illuminati are salamanders, not reptiles. Icke is pushing an anti-salamander racist agenda. And yes, I'm a member of the Illuminati. Please keep your salt away, though. It's bad for my moist, highly permeable skin.

  11. Idk know shit. I know a snake is venomous when it’s eyes are diamond shaped. If bush bit my arm I’d bite him back, you have to keep that bitch in check. Oh female dogs don’t carry poison.

  12. A metric shit ton of speculation bolstered by scientific theory which is equally full of shit.

    The only hologram in this reality is the delusional state in which the vast majority of humanity trades its finite time for material trinkets.

    Everyone has a theory, but not a single one has any tangible evidence to back up their assertions. Lizard men, evolution, reality – it's all a big giant "pin the tail on the donkey" festival of ignorance.

    Bottom line, No one on this Earth knows a goddamn thing about who we are, why we exist, where we are headed, how we got this far, or how far we'll get.



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