Newly released footage from the Department of Defense shows an apparent UFO caught on tape.



  1. I'm not sure what going on here ,but its clear this wasn't meant to be labeled as a UFO video.It appears this was a random infrared of another jet,a training video ? this was released by Tom Delonge's group,they got it from the DOD? Did the pilots actually chase another jet or what, ?they mention a fleet of them The name of the video is called Gimbal, [the infrared pod has a gimbal that turns the lens.and didn't the CIA make a tweet around the same time ?Did the pilots see multiple objects and did they see a object in the water,that's the question that needs to be answered.So what are we actually looking at ?We need some smart investigators ,who can get the pilots to answer questions about this video,because ,this is another jet.Where are the multiple aircraft they mention ? and what did they see in the water,without wings.Is that true,why don't we see that object?

  2. Spent millions on the jet but couldn't put a decent camera that could focus , maybe like in color? Looks like a 1940s black and white blurred video, as usual..

  3. Poor reporting. The video was edited by the news station and DOD released a low grade version on the film. 3d relief is available with high grade film ; The object was rotating. Also, not made available to the public until 13 years later.

  4. Dutch newspapers reported that on August 7 1954 Captain Jan P. Bos of the SS Groote Beer saw a strange, flat, “moonlike” object rise out of the ocean, eighty or ninety miles east of Cape Cod. Through binoculars, he saw clearly illuminated ports on the rim. The object then moved at a "fantastic" speed.

    Book: UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup, 1941-1973
    Author: Richard M. Dolan"Richard+M.+Dolan"&hl=nl&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjO_sv8taXZAhUBEVAKHV01CDoQ6AEIJDAA#v=onepage&q=Groote&f=false

  5. Politically correct behavior turn these news people into idiots. The question at the end sought a yes or no answer only. Too much BS that makes ABC an unreliable news source that brings them down to the level of gossip-mongering tabloids like the Inquirer, NY Post and NY Daily News.

  6. Around 2009 in Windsor Ontario Canada, I was working out in the rural farming area on my Aunt and Uncles property by lake Erie. Later on that evening we all relaxed by a fire until about 12AM. As usual I was star gazing like I normally do on clear nights. While staring at a faint, small constellation, I spotted something unusual just sitting right next to it. It was circular but somewhat translucent with a darker center. My initial thought was there was something on my glasses, perhaps a water spot or smudge. I quickly cleaned the lenses and refocused my eyes on the constellation only to realize the object was still there. After a good 15 minutes my Uncle finally asked me what I was looking at, as some time had passed and I never took my eyes off of it. At this point I didn't answer him, or made a sound; I simply thought and asked myself if I was looking at a UFO/space craft, and in that exact moment of doing so, the object began to illuminate and pulsate an incredible white light. It stayed stationary for a few seconds, then quickly in a consistent straight line panned across the sky all the while becoming brighter and pulsating in a rhythmic fashion. By now it was the brightest object in the sky, and both my Aunt and Uncle were fully aware of its presence. As quickly as it began to move it stopped dead in its tracks, gave off two consecutive flashes, and proceeded to exit the atmosphere diagonally outward at incredible speed until it was nothing but a pin point in the sky and eventually disappeared. My Aunt and Uncle then looked at me, pale as white horses, and never made a sound the rest of the evening… they just stared blank faced into the fire. They have refused to speak of this incident to this day; I think it shattered their entire understanding of "reality". That evening I had the most bizarre dream. A tall thin figure stood still at the foot of my bed. I could only make out its silhouette, but what was made clear was its hand and finger over its mouth; the gesture you make to someone to remain quiet. The following day was quite uncomfortable for us all, we didn't talk much to each other or mention anything about what we had seen. Later that day while working at quite a distance from the house, I noticed a black SUV had pulled up and parked. Two gentlemen, dressed quite well from what I could see, exited the vehicle. One approached the front door while the other leaned up against the vehicle looking in my general direction. They left as quickly as they came, and I never thought much of it until I started reading into the whole UFO phenomenon. Now, I don't have answers, I'm not positive about what I witnessed or what I had seen the previous night; this is my story that I have told to only a select few that I trust… but it sure does feel nice to just let it out.

  7. I'm glad that being able to report a UFO sighting no longer makes the reporter and "automatic crackpot" like it would have had 20 or more years ago. It seems the scientific community and the news people are starting to wonder if there is any validity to UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). 45 years ago, when I was a teenager and saw a "zig-zagging" star on a beautiful clear night, I kept it to myself until I became a college student near Cape Canaveral Fl. One night, I called an NYC radio station from Florida and reported what I had seen a few years earlier. The radio host, Alex Bennett, whom I'm sure few people now remember, asked me if I was either drunk, on pot or otherwise stoned.
    After that event, I kept my observation to myself until lately. I'm now 65, and "frankly, I don't give a damn" what people think or say about what I saw. I'm glad now that I can say what I saw without the kind of ridicule I had to experience many years ago.
    Now that people like Co. Fravor and his likes can go on the air as military FA 18 pilots and say they saw a "tic tac" UFO with the four eyes of their two jet format flight crew makes me feel vindicated. I only saw a "zig-zagging" star move across the entire night sky around 1966 before it slowly got dimmer and dimmer before it went away from Earth. What we now hear from Navy pilots far exceeds what I saw. But I believe Commander Fravor with all my heart, along with his WSO and wingman and WSO as well. The FLIR videos only serve to prove that what he saw was not a "fig newton" of his imagination. IMHO. soon the Pentagon will release more footage. I can't wait. Why are you taking so long? Tom DeLonge, can you do anything to expedite any more Naval footage?
    Remember over 25 years ago, an Airforce base auto camera caught something hovering and the auto-camera kept a record of it? The men in charge of the camera wherein "awe" of what they saw. They had similar expressions of awe like the Co. Fravor after the crew had when they captured the "tic tac" on their wing pod FLIRs.
    I want to know, see, and hear more. We know the Pentagon has it. We know they only release the "easy" stuff. Let's see the "scary" stuff. Yeah Congress, we "the People" can handle it.
    In fact, we demand it.


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