Alex Jones and Steve Quayle break down the full, unedited video, produced by TMZ, where Kanye West describes how the human race is mentally enslaved by …



  1. Snoop and his cousin Daz are mentally imprisoned. I thought weed was supposed to be liberating…I like natural cannabis but the stuff they smoke are GMO from Monsanto/Bayer. If you threaten or force your views on others through boycotting, gang violence etc, welcome to liberal party, the fascist way..

  2. Alex, It's really sad to see all of singers, rappers…. Putting Kanye West down and treating him like an enemy! well let me tell you this, most slaves were already slaves in African to begin with, doing the some hard duties just like here, and after that colonizers came, oh yes we were treated just like you all, The human plane was immediately erased by colonization that has made a destructive violent intrusion into the lives of Africa, they stole all our minerals and still stealing it now, raped women and still raping them now, at least here you have justice In Africa they don't… Also jewish were slaves too and killed, do they still talking about it and see themselves like victims no. I understand that for him to say " choice" was inappropriate but he apologized right there. He was so real and said a lot think that were so sad, being over medicated, being controlled and just asking for love. What wrong with American, are we still humans, do we have feelings?

  3. He's saying some blacks nowadays are still mentally enslaved because they are still holding onto the 400 years ago mentality in the past & bringing it into the future with them.he's saying let go of the old baggage because it will weight you down and keep you from achieving your potential in life.he's saying stop holding onto the victim card and do for yourself.

  4. We could never, in a million years, pay back AJ and the Infowars team, for all they have done for decades, to free humanity from the grip of evil, corruption and satanism, but we can try!!! We CAN spread the links, we CAN try to red pill our families and friends, compassionately with heart and Love for our fellow human beings, they are as subject to the brainwashing as we once were, so, with love, we push forward, just as AJ has done. Just as so many have done. We are the “ lucky” ones who help us make it ok for others to change their minds, to see the reality through the lies, when, the corrupt try to tighten their grip on our minds!!!! This truly is the GREAT AWAKENING, and it’s time has come.

  5. Quayle really put it right, we HAVE broken out of the paradigm, we are seeing the reality and not buying the line as they would have us duped into thinking. Yeah!!!! THIS IS THE SHIFT! and it belongs to every human being, no matter the color of our skin, this is where the rubber meets the road and we have the opportunity to take it further! Thank you Kanye and thank you AJ for getting the FULL interview out. You felt it, we felt it and now proof!!!! We are not going to take the lies anymore, we can and will break the wheel!

  6. Kanye I owe you an apology cause I was one that only looked at sound bites of you. I recently took the time to watch several interviews you gave and really saw where you were coming from. You feel as I do but you have the platform I don’t. I support you and hope you will stay the course. You are truly brave. I pray that God will see you through.

  7. Kanye is talking about illuminati to tmz etc he's putting it out there like Prince and MJ & you know what happened to them. only thing I don't like Elon Musk and space x.

  8. Let’s stand by him in solidarity- we may not have liked him in the past but what he’s doing is very courageous! Times up people! Time to wake up, choose your weapon. Your voice or something else?

  9. This is a very important video by Infowars…. It says and confirms every thought I have about what's going on… This is a very major red pill video… I don't think too many people can really handle this truth… Thank you Alex. May God bless Yeezy for being a soldier of truth, patriotism and God.

  10. Ain't no black alive in america today who was EVER a slave. Nor were there parents or great grandparents. The word "Slavery" has lost its meaning, its used SO MUCH and so out of context, that it is nothing more than a "Crutch to lean on". Just like the word "racists"….

  11. The issue at hand was that he said blacks were enslaved for 400 years and in his opinion they were slaves as a choice during those years. Historically not true, they were forced. Hence why most try to flee the south at those times. To try and sugar coat that is just asinine.


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