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  1. … probably long rang catapult ammo … a disc fly's further than a bolder . why do i say this ? … because aliens do not or ever did exist … oh but it is a cover up by the government … LOL … its easy to hide something that was never there.

  2. i think ancient civilizations were able to manipulate stone like we can with paper or something. its the only possible way they could have made stuff like ancient temples and the clearly manmade "UFOs" at the bottom of the ocean.

  3. worst video ever,…. repeat the same few facts over and over but guess what dumb fucks…. i would cut them open and tell you whats inside… fuck you for leaving my peaking interests in shambles

  4. Tungsten is heavyer than lead, therefore it is improbable that these were UFOs. In my eyes, geology. But take a carefull look inside, the technique inside should be mineralized visible.

  5. Could it be that these discs could be projectiles shot from a sling. Tungston would be a nice compound to use regarding weight and probability of going through buildings.


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