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  1. These beings are fallen angels, they are getting ready to fight for the last battle with God's spiritual army.
    Please never and ever do not belive them, these are anciaent fallen angels and they came from the other parts of universe to deceive us here on Earth. Seek Christ now… time is near… Please YouTube it: UFO are demons

  2. I wish photographers/videographers of night-time UFOs would note the exact location they (photographers) were standing and return there in daylight and take more video to show along with video of "UFO". Note (on video) that exact location, time/date, weather conditions, direction looking. This information is critical to hoping viewers believe you as viewers rarely know anything about the village/town/city where UFO(s) observed. With good info, viewers of videos can look up location and rule out lights from tall buildings, airplanes around airports, migrating birds, and more. Strange does not mean unidentifiable.

  3. Enough with the audio of religious nuts! Oh it’s heavenly or demonic? Your an asshole because extraterrestrials don’t give a shit about your religion. Shut up and just witness the event!

  4. The Carlsbad one looked like military flares. The others were VERY interesting sightings.
    Interesting how these are popping up as Syria gets demolished. Another move by the central bankers towards War.

  5. I don't know about the first one, its ether UFOs or a drone show, Suspect cause the lights being so synced. But the second one by "JUICY" lol looks pretty legit ! And the Carlsbad video, assuming the lights are up in the sky ( being there is no frames of reference ) are hard core !

  6. Anyone who thinks that repeating the "Lord's Prayer" is going to somehow protect them from what he thinks are demons flying about in the sky is out of his mind. This is what CULT'S do to a person's ability to REASON.

  7. I personally witnessed the San Diego lights. I was 3 miles from Murray ridge rd he kept talking about. We did see helicopters and airplane flying around it. So I know it is documentment. No flare, lanterns or drones. And I see military fly over my house daily. It was not the mitilary.

  8. They are everywhere- and certainly not trying to mask themselves- the scary part is the fact that no gov agencies are saying a word about it- blows my mind!!! Huge lights over Baja Cali a few nights ago- sightings happening all over the world- animals acting strange- something is def up

  9. It could be a drone show for the first one. They do that. However, you can expect there will be an increasing amount of "ufo" activity as we get close to the rapture, as they will use the alien story to explain away where all of us Christians went. PS – Aliens are just demons and ufos are just people flying around in technology that they got from demons.

  10. "All talk, all sport, all fantasy". Well, two out of three ain't bad. And all this because he went to church for three weeks eh? Get that rubber room ready nurse, we got one incoming. 😱


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