Intro theme: “Dream Agent” by Ariel Electron, Holeg Spies and Thierry Gotti on the “Kore Kosmou” album. In this episode of Esoteric Hollywood, I deconstruct the …



  1. 8:55 – let's hear, it's exciting. Clouds and remain for whole days. In Vancouver Canada clouds can remain for days… depends what type of atmospheric variable are in place. Many layers in atmosphere…

  2. Another note! I had been thinking about this recently and it just hit me, how very similar the basic theme is (and quite unique, might I add!): that episode of Black Mirror- do you know which I'm talking about? The one where they're spin-biking to "power the world" and can only escape by way of celebrity, but even then, they can't escape– they are still stuck behind glass, staring out at the "real world" beyond? VERY SIMILAR in many respects…very spooky both of these movies.

  3. The problem with that theory about all uprisings being staged and un "real" is the following: even in this movie (book), that uprising and had (unsurprisingly) unpredictable consequences. Every step Curtis and his people took, brought them closer to natural resources, closer to assassinating Wilson and the elites, closer to equality and freedom, even as they risked utter annihilation in the process. The uprising obviously effected their purpose, and even if it would have ultimately failed to change the entire paradigm if not for a "supernatural" added element, it still would have in fact change things for the better (if Curtis took WIlson's place).

    Perhaps then, the lesson is not to give up, but that GREATER insight is needed. I see the alt right having a problem with gaining or even attempting to gain this greater insight (remember in every great adventure story from the Holy Grail to the Hobbit, insight was gained by the very journey itself- SO STOP MANSPLAINING constantly). Interesting indeed that the clairvoyant in this drama is female. A tip, perhaps? Stop alienating us women and cling to hope. There's a reason people do.

    The elites aren't invincible like you think they are or even, as powerful as you think they are, even if they are more powerful than the rest of us think they are.

  4. Thank you for discussing these important issues. I will be sharing. As always, it is a pleasure to hear your analysis of the many important, and absolutely mind twisting topics affecting our world.


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