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  1. BREAKING NEWS, oil prices set to crash below 20$ a barrel, the climate change scam is about to be exposed, corrupt governments are going to look so stupid. I cannot stop laughing,

  2. There's nothing wrong with world Governance of things that have a substantial impact on a global level. The scope of that mandate would be limited, but all too easily this noble concept of co-operation for the greater good, can be hijacked by those with a different motivation and agenda. The challenge is to keep the benefits of international co-operation without allowing a global quasi fascist regime to arise.

  3. So, Colon didn't discoverjust a new rut to the west but also a new way of making money for the Spanish crown…; first example of historical manipulation of the ofitial discourse…

  4. So the Reptilians run the Elite. The Elite are bankers. Bankers run the governments. The public are cattle and the Queen eats babies. But we eat calves (veal) and calves are babies. Maybe the Queen just prefers human meat to cattle meat. Nah, I'm just kidding, you're great David.

  5. Its not really that complicated to work out. Trump's taking down the deep state them whom amongst other's are trying to cause a war between America and Russia, the Bush and Obama Administrations sold the Russians and probably the Chinesethe information to make stealth technology as part of their globalist agenda ie eradication of Nationalism organised religion, open borders etc now the real issue is about the Technology A.I etc how one side wants to unleash it onto an unprepared mass and how the good guys want it to be carefully regulated and not unleashed all at once to give people time to advance at a fair and mentally realistic rate etc look at Astana, Dubai places like that are springing up and are making America look out of date that to is deliberate and look at their inner structures their laws beliefs etc combine that with Merkel's open door to the EU policy as millions of Islamists pile into the EU as they were forced out of their homeland during the clearances it was deliberate, most were male hardened soilders in their mid to late twenties, you see trump taking America back yet CNN and plenty others can't bad mouth him enough who runs them?, Rupert Murdock fox news is putting out the truth news supportive of trump he gets out bidded by a rival company to buy remaining shares in sky whom are hostile to trump and don't want Murdock succeeding in reaching the many ears out there etc so its made a huge offer £16 a share to purchase sky's 60 odd percent of the remaining shares in sky. Then theres looming economic collapse due to money being fiat currency China Russia nolonger using Petro dollar as China was earmarked to be a major part of the nwo agenda etc whether the good guys win or the bad shit is coming.

  6. Excuse me, but all you say about Israel is a lie !! Netanyahu does not build or take anything from the Palestinians. On the contrary, he builds cities for them and destroys Jewish settlements. Tell me, who tells you these stories? What I write I can prove and you ??

  7. Read some history on some of these speakers before you buy into all there nonsense. He told the entire world he was the son of the Godhead in 1991, he also claimed publicly the world was going to end in 1997, he also only wore turquoise for several years after speaking with a psychic. He believes in shape shifters, that his Sharkura has been unlocked and he has "special powers". His beliefs are that which would be considered as him being a "antisemitic conspiracy theorist". The problem with people like this is they only got part of the story right, the exaggerate the hell out of small truths embellishing on it and causing more disinformation then actual truth. See for your self.

  8. what about Q anon and they are putting questions out their to awaken people?  It seems the the white hats and trump and the anons that are doing the searching are all in sink trying to awaken people…  It seems legit and Q keeps saying the future proves the past!!!  And we can see that happening when you follow his timeline.

  9. It seems you make a grand deal of profit off of the very pain and suffering of humanity with no sigh of you actually wanting to use your knowledge and wealth to benefit the human race, and it seems you know an awful lot about a secret society that makes a life out of not being known, If everything you say in your book about reptilians and the way they manipulate us and reality would lead one to think they could and would stop you from voicing any of what you know to the public but, lets not focus on logic and common sense how about not having any real proof at all, the fact that not one thing you say can be researched by others. Your using "the Argument from Ignorance Technique" Basically your shifting the burden of proof onto another person, and claiming that something is true, simply because it hasn’t been proven wrong and iv watched many of your interviews were you get pretty upset when asked simple questions that should be easily explained considering your ability of being enlighten, and in every one of these moments you end up telling that person that they are stupid and just unable to be open-minded, Interrupt them constantly, while giving the simple fact you've done so many years of research and wrote a book, saying that's proof without acknowledging all other books similar to your as truth and using your mass following as an absolute. Bigfoot is real because….. years of research, many books, a large following, video evidence, opposed findings "it seems they have more to back their claims…….just so we're clear if by any chance your findings are remotely true, you are the only known person that seems to have the very book to deal with every signal possibility

  10. Hi David from Russians 🇷🇺 we know everyone about your work Big Thank you we have to change world and we know is future Russia have to will fight with Elite, and we hope Islamic world will go with us maybe anyone Who ready will go with us we know all plans Elite they won’t clean out russians from earth , but before that won’t use us for there plan!

  11. Thanks again David icke, Question – is the Earth Flat-? Or is it True that we are living on a spinning ball covered in water-? A Very Big Question & The Biggest Topic On The Conspiracy Side Of The Internet, Seriously, Can you Help-? Cheers

  12. First time I disagree to David Icke,it's Nobody from EU wants to keep GB in EU,EU poliicians say" Why are you still here,why don,t you just leave".British politicians are those who wants to cancel Brexit,because when GB gets out it will be easy prey of zionistic USA,they will depend on USA market and money.So instead losing sovereignity like part EU,GB will become slave of USA.
    Everything else he said I apsolutely agree with


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