Here I describe this temporal matrix we reside in within more detail and elaborate on a hidden hand of controllers i.e., dark energy matter vermin. These beings have designed an entire culture…



  1. Many times they've tried to hit me with a car on the highways .. Send me girls and as soon as I open up they leave and brake my heart and any real relationship I get they ruin it men I've been watching your videos for a while but this has really hit home.. Awesome men. Thank you and keep going strong..

  2. Wow Shane.. Thanks for this video men. This is my life to a t. I can't get a job or anything like that men. It's crazy and I feel my family also wants to feed on me as well. It's crazy my father says I can't carry out my goals cuz I'm not Jesus but I know I'm him and he's me or I have the Christ consciousness and I am a star so I can send the message out and heal the world .. This is my website ..


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