Slow Motion of the SpaceX explosion on September 1, 2016.



  1. The rocket was destroyed by a US Navy X-47B (laser equipped) launched from the USS G Washington, off of the US East Coat.This prevented a major sale from the Israelis to the Chinese.*ALLEGEDLY*"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it."Look into it. The people have been sleeping for far too long.

  2. Yep it definitely flew in. You ever wonder what those black blobs in the corners of your eyes are? Ghosts? Nomes? I think this stuff is flying in and it goes right through our bodies. Those gases in outer space actually have a probability of life with weightless matter and the creatures must be very dark or really white.

  3. Maybe the reason that people don't believe in UFO conspiracies is that UFO conspiracy theorists routinely sink their own credibility by showing footage of bugs flitting in front of cameras and making wild claims about them being supersonic alien drones inexplicably firing invisible, rocket-destroying lasers. It's fucking ridiculous…

    This isn't even the only, or the first, bug that's visible in this video. During the first second or two, we see several specks darting around in front of the camera. It's by the water, in Florida, in September. Of course the place was swarming with bugs.

  4. How far from the camera is that rocket? That thing, when slowed down, enters and exits the screen in 7 frames!! 7 frames! Now, all you need to do is do a slight calculation to figure what speed that thing was travelling at. My mathematical skills aren't that advanced but I don't need some gooners here telling me this is a bird. The thing is spherical and is flying behind the towers. Assuming that the object is flying just above (though it looks like it is flying a little further away from the camera than the rocket) the rocket will give us a pretty close estimation of its speed.

  5. If you look at this carefully, or better, frame by frame, you see what appears to be an object going right to left of screen over about 1/4 second, it is on all the news films as well, it crosses the sky just before and during the start of the explosion. You can see it at this speed, but is very obvious if you download it and look at each frame. Anyone know what it is? it is not imaginary but no doubt it would be scoffed at by dimwits

  6. Not a bird. Under Obama Russian news media reported the same thing happening after launching a test missile. I wound not be surprised if this just happened to the latest missile fail in North Korea. If you think the US government can not develop a hockey puck sized drone that can explode missles that are jam packed with rocket fuel, then you really haven't thought too much into this. Also this rocket was supposed to launch an Israeli surveillance system…

  7. people will believe what they want…a ufo could land right i front of someone and they would find a million reasons to say they didn't see it. people are dumb, this isn't complete evidence but even i have to admit…the fact that in the one still it is covered by the tower says alot, it was behind it not in front of it and it's speed with that being said makes no logical sense.


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