Steve Quayle 11/19/2009 Gold Market Breakdown, Gold Investing, Fraud.



  1. Keep in mind, real natural gold nuggets also make great investments.
    Gold nuggets are now rarer than diamonds. Nuggets only form very near to the surface, so future finds are limited by nature.

    Less than 2% of all gold is found in nugget form, so larger gold nuggets are extremely rare and highly precious.

  2. In 1933 gold was made illegal to own to all americans .It was confiscated by the US government .Roosevelt took the gold from the people at $20 an ounce and promptly
    revalued it at $35 an ounce .The CITIZENS LOST ,The GOVERNMENT PROFITED…..
    Read your history books .Who is to say that they will not do this to us again ?Pardon me for raining on your parade here .You are not safe with gold either.


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