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  1. Wow blown away by the Spirit of The Lord. Will be sending this series of posts to some specific people to redeem the time lost. So poignant to the whole body of Christ. I loved the wayThe Lord said to Henry "get on your knees" I thought I was doing ok by downgrading a storm heading for our city. One of my bosses came into the office just to say he was leaving now and looked out the window and said it looks like a storm is on the way, without thinking I just said no its ok I have down graded it, rain we need but a storm we don't. He looked at me and smiled as though thinking we have a crack pot here and left. An hour later on the radio news the announcer said that the Met service has down graded the storm. I thought too late I have already done it as i gave thanks to the Lord for the confirmation. I'm hearing you Henry, the believers do need to exercise their authority in Christ Jesus. Many tears of joy flowed listening to this interview. Shalom

  2. Amen brother, everything that's happening in this country is so vexing ! I pray that our Lord comes back soon ! woe to America & all the innocent babies being slaughtered daily

  3. Thankyou Steve and Henry for all your wise godly teaching, I thank you for pointing us in the right direction. I would love to meet you one day if you ever come to South Africa. I love Jesus with all my heart❤️

  4. FastJoe thats all churches not just Babtist. Churches are not going to wake up GOD said they wouldnt. The word Christian is just a word now. But a follower of Christ is washed by the blood.

  5. Regards from Brasil/ Sarapui, dear Steve Quale & thank you for introducing such advanced Souls like Henry Gruver; Breathtaking spiritual message. Ever grateful for the priceless advice you people keep throwing at me (!)

  6. Thank you for Sharing! Steve May God Keep you going and bless you all work yours and many put out to Many people everywhere Thanks In Jesus Name for you are a True brother in Christ

  7. Hey Steve. My friend from the Phillipines who keeps up with whats going with China in the area and in her country has recently found out that the Chinese military are stationed at Mindanao Base in the Phillipines. She believes the president there is conspiring with them . She also thinks they will be used to execute their people but we both hope not. I could hook you up with her and let her explain to you what she knows if you are interested in this information .

  8. It's worse the moloch way worse nothing new Under the Sun guys. My short testimony Joseph Paul Corrigan . I most certainly done things Sinners would be ashamed of. I've been wrong every day for 50 years everyday every hour every minute of every second of my life. I only am saved by the blood of Jesus Christ…..AMEN hallelujah praise Jesus I most certainly deserve hell and the second death I need a savior thank you Lord Jesus

  9. I've been to two churches Baptist 1 Independent Baptist that took me to 1st Corinthians 15 1 through 4 and A Primitive Baptist whatever that means and to Robert breaker on the internet YouTube out of all the churches I've been to can't even tell you what the gospel is and why we serve the gospel we are in the last moments repent I'm not sure when the date is going to happen or if it could be a bombing or it's going to be anything. but I know that Israel has to build the temple not a spiritual one of physical Temple the spirit who won the flesh won the the one that came to the remission of sins already came two thousand years ago the Fulfillment of that. the Antichrist have to be revealed in the middle of three and a half years and then all hell breaks loose again. we've got to stand on that that's what he told to stand on the apostles asked him and he said when you see these things know the time is near,

  10. 1st Corinthians 15 1 through 4 the Gospel of Jesus Christ until that day the God says no more gentiles you were saved to that and only that it's going to say that Jesus Christ born crucified and the grave for 3 days and and risen on the third day for the remission of sin I stand on that because that's what he told me to stand on I believe there's going to be an invasion. I don't know what day or hour win there is only one name under heaven with God gave and that's Jesus the Jesus of Jacob Abraham and Isaac Gideon King David there is only one God. everything else is of the devil.


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