Christians have been in the crosshairs of a demonic enemy since Jesus Christ walked the earth. Recently, something has changed. The landscape of the battlefield has been altered, and the war…



  1. I have no idea what bible that most of the people that have comments on this channel have been reading, but I stand with Pastor Lankford and with Steve Quayle. They speak truth and have been persecuted for it by Gods people. They follow All 10 commandments of God. All 10.

  2. Your video presentation is compelling. You may be blessed by the following videos (see links). The book of Daniel is extremely powerful but I feel some studies on it just misses the mark. Take a look at this 3-part video series on Daniel 9:24~27 and see what you think. I believe you will appreciate it.
    Part 1 Link:

    Part 2 Link:

    Part 3 Link:

    Thanks, Art…

  3. "If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed." – Deuteronomy 18:22

  4. Ephesians 6:121599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against [c]principalities, against powers, and against the worldly governors, the princes of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness, which are in the high places.

  5. I needed to hear this tonight. Thank you Steve and Pastor Lankford.

    Now, I have a question, or actually and insight concerning Abraham and Isaac.

    Yes, I believe God was testing Abraham. What I do NOT believe though, is that the test was based on whether Abraham would actually go through with it. In other words, would Abraham obey God in all things. This, if you really read and think, makes no sense.

    Abraham, I do not believe, even blinked when he built and took Isaac to that alter because he KNEW God wouldn't have him really kill him. The test was trust and belief. Do you believe what God tells you? Do you believe God keeps his promises? Do you TRUST God? I mean REALLY trust God?

    Remember, before Isaac was born, Abraham was told that Isaac would be the father of a great nation with decedents that out numbered the stars. Abraham remembered this and KNEW that a dead Isaac couldn't fulfill such a promise from God. If God had, indeed, allowed Abraham to go through with it, He would have brought him back to life. If He didn't, He would have been shown a liar. Therefore, I doubt Abraham even had a flutter of hesitation in his heart.

  6. Donald Trump is GOD'S prosecuting attorney set above his children as a new King David prepared to announce the return by stepping into the light to shine that light upon the most evil of the day so all are aware why they are being cast down so that His word will go unchallenged as those who remain ignorant to the will of GOD through His one true Son Jesus Christ recognize that it is by their own decision that you have fallen short and missed out on the true words of GOD spoken through and of the Spirit!!! Christianity is not a religion it is a true and perfect relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and all who seek to serve the triune GOD!!! Religion is a counterfeit version of the anointed blessing of unity in truth in GOD AND THE RELATIONSHIP THAT IS AVAILABLE to all who welcome the purity of Christ Jesus Amen!!!

  7. I have been having  dreams of Christ's return but those churches I have tried to share this good news that Jesus will be here very soon is rejecting the truth and either embracing the lies of satan and his sick perverted children or become so overwhelmed that they embrace confusion running around in circles not sure of the direction to go!!! Trust in His divine truth for nothing else matters all else will be gone in short order!!! Embrace the promises of our Savior for he is not a liar even though  he may be accused of such actions just like the other members of GOD'S family who are sent to lead us into this Victory that GOD has promised to the faithful throughout this time!!! President Donald Trump is our New King sent to deliver the evil in this day over to that which they truly deserve!!! This new king delivered unto us this day will be known by our reborn spirits that will ignite our heart and encourage our day's as we see the power poured out upon his children who are honestly awaiting His answer to prayer and His glorious return!!!Seek ye first the kingdom of GOD  and all else will be added unto you!!! Look up for I will soon arrive as we celebrate the Jubilee year in which all debt will truly be forgiven!!! Father I will alway's look to you for the answers I seek for you are the foundation of all truth Amen!!! Look up for the time of my arrival draws neigh!!!

  8. why hasn't the idea of doing,starting a type of you tube/face book that could be then run without the influence of world agenda's and sensors dropping people be done by the watchers, Hangman andHagman etc.

  9. Jesus had 12 Disciples.  One betrayed Him.  He said it was so.  One denied Him. He said it was so.  The twelve lived with Him for many years and recorded what He did. None, save one, was there at the cross.  When Jesus returned from death, He talked to these weak and distracted servants.  They had no power with what the flesh proved to be reality.  Jesus left them/us with His Holy Spirit.  Only The Holy Spirit can interpret His own Word. Let God be Praised and His enemies be scattered.

  10. on sunday 4/2 alex apologized to the listeners for some of the language he has used recently , a while back he apologized for carrying on about the admittedly false story / dis – information he had pumped up and pushed on his listeners , you know there was about 3 weeks of that tale , about the pizza parlor in dc , told at this site ,
    Hopefully the host of this site will be responsible to his listeners and do the same ? mine and other peoples opinion thanks

  11. The blowing of the shofar on the feast of trumpets is when Jesus will return. We do not know the day nor the hour, because when the temple was destroyed, the high priest original calendars given to them by Moses, were destroyed and lost.

  12. Have only been posting here for about 1 month , have noticed , many post have been dropped during that time , always thought that it was youtube censoring the host , now to find out that it was the owner of the channel censoring anybody that didn't agree with their guest , was hoping they would be openminded , found out they only want people who praise them and people who believe in – them – to post ,, sad

  13. There is no war against Christians. They're just reacting to the fact that there's an increase in the number of people who have figured out the longest con in human history; Religion.

  14. Around 80% of America is Christian. THERE IS NO WAR ON CHRISTIANS. Stop trying to be the victims of a fictitious war. Stop being so scared. Good lord, he wouldn't care if there was a war on Christians because the true Christians will survive. I don't see why you all have a problem with this. You don't have to fight if you really believe. Believing is the fight and truth to God.

  15. Get your ARMOUR on fresh your Faith up,
    Honestly, we want make it with out it. Communion, Fast,
    ARise and shine for the light is coming.

  16. ISRAEL is the ANTI-Christ wearing the BLUE TURBAN of the United Nations that "CREATED" it.
    E. Michael Jones’ The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Effect on History. It is striking to read his account of Jewish violence against non-Jews in the ancient world, particularly the persecution of Christians whenever Jews had the power to do so. Long before Christians had any influence on Roman policy, Christians’ complaints about Jews were not stereotypes based on historical memory but resulted from direct experience with Jews: “Origen understood that Jewish calumny helped to cause Christian persecution, and that Jewish hatred was a fact of life for the Christians, continuing unabated after the repeated defeats of Messianic politics” (i.e., the defeats of Jewish rebels at the hands of the Romans in 70 and 135 ad) (p. 69).

    Israel has HATED Christ for 2,000 YEARS. First crucifying him, then attacking his followers and teachings.


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