Steve Quayle on Hagmann & Hagmann on demons fallen angels strange creatures nephilim, biological weapons and the global and national upheaval and the unstability of the nations of the world…



  1. Not sure if madmen doing the grunt work, many may be slaves forces to work, yes like thee Georgia Guidestones say less, much less people (easier to control) is wanted.

  2. damn…seems like Ebola was just another distraction….havnt finished the vid yet but see lots are talking about sleep paralysis and what not, i have had this several times before…scarey feeling of not being able to "wake up" not being able to scream and feels like somethings sitting on your chest and strangling you at the same time…scary thing, but thank you Jesus for intervening!!!

  3. Oppenheimer never said HE had become the destroyer of worlds. he said all the scientists were thinking that actually. Few laughed some cried most were silent. then he spoke about the bahgavad gita and quoted that, actually, then he said we were all thinking that. WE were ALL thinking that. meaning not just him as steve said. get it right please. then later after it was dropped he confirmed his and the other's fears. I have just done a report on it thank you. Check video recording of him saying the whole thing. btw this is to the radio host and steve not that they will see it but for everyone also. If you have to quote then do not take bits but rather the whole to get it right. so many do this with the bible and so change the meaning into what THEY want it to say when it does not. they never take the conversation as a whole but one line. you cannot do that and expect to be right. you will mostly be wrong.

  4. The executive office of U.S. Govt. missed hitting this Quayle hiding in  somebody's underage bush, while they were bird hunting in Texas. I do not get flu nor do I catch colds. Only Quayles get sick and die for their faulty neural synapse.

  5. Wow, this happened to me also when I couldn't speak. I was still able to call on the mighty name of Jesus in my mind. He heard me and delivered me  from satan's  Every believer ought to know and exercise their authority over satan and his demonic forces. Especially during these last days we must be aware of the satanic forces we are facing in the spirit realm.

  6. The war on your children by the Australian governments is about bringing truth and awareness about their past crimes on children by evil institutions & governments, to give you a picture of some of the things to come to expose their plans to harm all children worldwide. IT’S TIME to UNITE and SPEAK UP. We have criminal gangs acting as government that are not a de jure, with over 500 children being killed in foster care, with 90% of children in care are or have been sexually abused. Australia has the most abused children in care. DoCS/CoPS { child protection services} is part of a worldwide paedophile network cult & $40 billion of our tax payers money is being spent on everything related to child protection services every year ·


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