1. evil has become too ingrained into the people, they have been turned into self centered , self serving and gradually being changed into psychopaths with their empathy , compassion being gleaned from them, eventually being changed into more reptilian in nature then human , demorality is being washed over them through education , government , medias,and medicines , its proven humans mimic what they see and this is brought about from the removal of godly influence from schools , justice systems etc that government has allowed or rather what wealthy influential families who run the government have introduced .Truth is ignored because the hardest thing for people to admit is that they have been conned or to admit that they are not as smart as they think they are so often times truth is denied its place and things continue, in a nation of lies , telling the truth is a revolutionary act but this must be changed

  2. Just looking at the buildings and esoteric symbolism around the Vatican is proof enough. Obelisk of Nimrod. the serpent head building and the pope sits in the mouth that the forked tongue exudes from. Right in the lay persons face while they are enthralled with the poisoned words.


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